Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I don't know what I was thinking when I started running again because I am now realizing that my life will never be the way it was before. There are obvious reasons. There are unobvious reasons. There is chaos. There are frustrations. There are three little ones who take priority.

It rained here all day Saturday. And then Sunday. And then Monday. Torrential, downpouring, raining cats and dogs rain. Grammy called me late yesterday afternoon to inform me that the power was out. Rich and I arrived home. The power was still out. Rich had to leave for a meeting so Grammy and I fed the girls cold cereal and M&Ms for dinner and then shuffled them upstairs in the dark.

I was supposed to run on the treadmill but with no power, that was going to be a no go. I finally was able to run 3 miles on Saturday and I really want to keep this commitment to myself. The power did come back on as we were tucking the girls into bed but it was too late for me to run as we had to drop the Volvo off for service the next day.

Okay, not a big deal. I am just missing one day of running.

And then there was tonight. I took a train after Rich so he picked me up with the girls in the van so that we could go pick up the Volvo. Well, Anna fell asleep during the ride and freaked out when we woke her up. She cried during her bath. She cried as Rich dressed her for bed. The only way for me to calm her down was to climb into her bed with her. And, of course, she would not fall asleep. And then Em started screaming for me to tell her a story.

Long story short - I did not hit the treadmill until 8:20. And when I tried to use the stereo that Rich set up, the outlet blew out. I reset it and opted for the little Bose CD player. I managed to run 2.75 miles through exhaustion and hunger. And then ate dinner at almost 9:30.

I am stupid for doing this?


Sally said...

Hi, I'm a lurker. I love the pictures. Your girls are adorable.
I don't run much anymore since I have 2 yr old twins and am in school. Did that run make you happy? Did it feel good? If so, then you're obviously doing the right thing.

Kris said...

What Sally said ... but not the lurking or the twins :)

Anonymous said...

Also a lurker, but I'm pretty impressed that you have run.again.ever. I know working full time and being a mom is tough, but times that by 3 and it's got to be astoundingly tough. Kudos for doing it any time that you do it. I'm sure that you feel good on the days that you do run and you inspire lots of other moms to do more than they think they can!