Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just some tidbits

from this weekend.

I am working on a longer post with many adorable photos but in the meantime I wanted to talk about some random events from this weekend.

The girls' imagination continues to amaze me. As Rich and I were trying to clean up after the girls' dinner (including chocolate snow aka crumbled cupcakes), I spotted Em and Anna sitting on the kitchen floor and it looked like they were eating crumbs from under the cabinets. Before I could freak out, Rich informed me that they were "pretending to pick and eating blueberries."

And then tonight, the girls were pushing their dolls (and Elmo, of course) in strollers to go to the park. As I was attempting to dress Allie in her jammies, she informed me that she needed to get to the park and was eager to return to playing with her sisters. I am glad that they were finally playing nicely together. It has been quite a weekend of grumpiness around here.

Oh, there were a few random items that were called "coco" or "coco somethingorother" this weekend. I have never heard them say this so I asked Anna, who was carrying a little brown paper bag with handles, if she meant Coco Chanel and then she started calling things Coco Shamel. I have no idea where any of that is coming from especially since one of the items being called coco was Rich's cell phone charger.

I know that the girls pick up on our emotions and repeat things that we say but I still don't expect half of what they say that comes from this. Em was trying to play with some Little People on Saturday and Anna kept insisting on taking The Mommy from her. More than half of the Little People were in the basement so I decided to bring them upstairs to hopefully end the stealing and fighting. As I was coming back up the stairs, I heard Allie say, "Give that back Anna or I'm going to be a scary bear. Anna, give that back to you." She didn't know that I could hear her and I, of course, found it hysterical. Especially how she said you instead her.

And how about when I was holding a doll and pretending that she was crying because she needed a mommy and she wanted Allie to be her mommy. Allie's response to the doll: "I think you need some medicine."


Stef said...

Hi Sarah, just a thought on the "CoCo" name thing. Its a long shot, but do the girls at all watch the show on PBS called Chuggington? It is a cartoon about trains aimed at preschoolers and there is a girl train named CoCo....
or else it could just be little girl silliness :)

Stef said...

I said its on PBS...its actually on Disney...cant keep the channels straight ha!