Saturday, March 13, 2010

Being a big girl.

According to Em.

"We don't want to do peeps on Mommy's couch."

"We don't want to do poo-poos in our pull-up."

Thank you, Em.

I do have to brag at how well Allie and Em are doing on the potty training front. Do I dare say that they are potty trained? I mean, they both woke up dry this morning and neither had an accident all day. And they both told me when they had to poop and they did so on their little potty. That's potty trained to me!


Emily said...

I love you blog and read it every night before turning off the computer. I was jsut curious how you have explained this to Anna? I know earlier this week you said that they girls "know" that Anna has Spinabifida. Just curious how they react to Allie and Em being able to potty on the potty but not Anna. And while I am commenting I should tell you I think you have a great blog, adorable girls and a family to be proud of! :)

Sarah said...

We haven't really explained it to Anna - she just doesn't get it and she doesn't ask. Anna does use the potty sometimes so that's probably why it's not that big of a deal yet.

Thank you for your comment.