Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alone time with Mommy

Not this past weekend but the weekend before that, I was able to spend some alone time with Emily (on Saturday) and Allie (on Sunday.) Emily and I went shopping at an outdoor mall in the pouring rain and then Allie and I attended a baby shower. The baby shower was for family and all three of the girls were invited but bringing all three would not have been fun. At all. For me.

(Em and Piggy getting ready to go shopping. Out of focus, of course!!!!!)

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It has been asked before so I will address it here because I am sure someone reading this post is going to want to know how I picked who would spend time with me. There was no special formula really. I decided to bring Em with me to the mall after seeing how upset she was after our mini trip to the post office the week before. I felt that she deserved a real outing, not one that would only last for ten minutes.

Anna was scheduled for a doctor's appointment later in the week and Rich was planning on taking her alone. He was then going to bring her into his office in Boston to see where he works. Since Anna was scheduled for a bit of one on one time with Daddy, I decided to take Allie with me to the shower.

(Allie ready to party!)

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I was going to bring Anna with me on a quick trip to the craft store but we never made it and the weather was so beautiful this past weekend that Rich and I felt it was more beneficial for the girls to play outside rather than go shopping with me.

(Anna before leaving for her appointment.)

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I have to mention how incredibly well behaved Em and Allie were. Let's talk about how easy my trip to the mall was. Em took a mini nap on the car ride over, which most likely added to her mellowness. At the mall, she was content to hang out in the single stroller, snacking on Ritz crackers while I shopped. And everytime we left a store, she would excitedly ask, "Are we going to another store?" It was so easy. I wanted to laugh and scream, "This is it? This is what it is like to have one?"

I know that it is all relative but when you go from the chaos of three to one easy going child, you realize how insane your life is. I even allowed Em to walk around Gymboree with me. She stayed right by my side and obeyed my every instruction. I find that it helps if you give them a task so I told her that I needed her to watch the stroller for me. She stood and held onto the stroller and helped to push it. Thankyouverymuch!

As scheduled, Rich brought Anna to her appointment later that week and then to his office. In the meantime, Grammy and I decided to bring these two munchkins over the Gap Outlet store. Without a stroller.

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Let's just say that it wasn't all that easy having two out of the stroller, especially when I wanted to do some hard core shopping. For myself! They did look adorable though. Em was in a bad mood and didn't want to hold Grammy's hand and then they wanted to be three year olds and play games. So no one is perfect.

Allie insisted on wearing that purple dress. I had dressed Anna first and when Allie saw Anna wearing the purple striped dress, she demanded a purple dress. Okay, here's your purple dress!


Twin Musings said...

I just love reading your posts and seeing your awesome pictures! It inspires me to get my camera out and get to work capturing the ever-changing cuteness of my kids :) Where did you get that adorable purple dress Allie is wearing and the socks - oh the socks! They are so so cute! I would love to find those for my daughter!

Glad you got some one-on-one time with 2 of your girls!

JEN said...

They look great in purple.
I love the GAP outlet for myself as well, but I never get to go there. It seems like all the regular GAP is casual clothes.

Erika said...

I just have two, and am learning many things from you:) I SO need to get better about taking them out individually...and not feeling bad about the one "left behind."
Thanks for sharing all you do:)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love love love that photo of Allie - the clasped hands and her expression really show how excited she was! Em and Allie dressed to go shopping with you look like they should be doing adds for GAP or whomever. Anna - adorable little hair style - love it!


Anonymous said...

Oops - I meant to say "ads" not adds - can you tell I am an accountant - ha! Seriously - your girls should be models they are so gorgeous!

Dairy Queen said...

your girls are angelic!!! :)

Esther and Brian said...

I admire what you are doing with three kiddos- I can only imagine, but not know, how hard it is. But it is the same for me, when I just have one child instead of the twins together, it's just a piece of cake- I really really do not know why a Mommy of one child would ever complain! :) Ever...

The girls looks so put-together all the time- it's just a joy to see that. So many kids where I live in the Midwest are dressed to yucky (and we all know that it's not a matter of how much money you spend on the kids' clothes and shoes)...


Sarah said...

Thank you all for the comments!

Twin Musings - the dark purple dress and white knee socks are from H&M.

And JEN - I bought myself a bunch of casual/weekend spring/summer clothes!!