Friday, February 5, 2010

The Toe Guy & Bed Update

A day or two after we converted the girls' cribs to toddler beds, I created The Toe Guy. I fully admit that it was a bit, well, mean but I was desperate. And please keep in mind that the girls are stubborn and do not take half of what I create seriously.

It was another nap or bed time (can't remember which) with the girls climbing in and out of their beds. In. Out. In. Out. Run around. Climb in. Climb out. Run around. Em was on her tenth trip out of her bed when I said, "Em, you might want to stay in your bed so that the little critter under the bed doesn't get you." She froze. Little critter? I then proceeded to tell them that The Toe Guy likes to hide under beds and crawl out and grab the toes of little girls who don't stay in their beds. Anna, who was exhausted and in a bad mood, responded with, "No, he's NOT."

I felt really bad the next morning because I hadn't wanted to scare them, just keep them in their beds for more than five seconds. Trust me, though, they were not scared. I did tell Em that I had made up The Toe Guy. Grammy at first told me that I was mean but then decided that she might be able to use the threat of The Toe Guy at nap time.

The girls do continue to run around at nap and night. It is fun for them to talk about The Toe Guy, so yeah, that went over well. Last night Allie was telling me a cute story about something being under her bed. When I asked her what was under her bed, she responded with, "The Toe Guy. He's going to eat your toes all UP." Yeah, not afraid at all.

Rich hopes to move Anna into her own room this weekend. Our new routine this past week has been to contain Allie and Anna in their room which prevents Anna from running into Em's room and Em from running into Anna's room.

I would have to say that Allie has been the best at actually staying in her bed. If Em is left alone, she does fairly well. Anna is Anna. She likes to pile everything into her bed and is always running around. And they have no problem climbing out of bed when they wake up. Just like Anna did last night at 1:00 am.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Honestly, I don't know how you do it - I couldn't survive with that much chaos/lack of sleep. I asked my mom about my sisters and my sleeping - apparently we didn't pull these antics until elementary school. You know there are services that will help you with sleeping (e.g., Jewish family services). A friend of mine even saw Dr. Ferber.

Kris said...

rotflmao!!! LOVE the toe guy!! That is for sure something you can end up having a lot of fun with. Can also see those lovely little angels tortureing each other with it ..... I know thats what MY sisters would have done with me!! lol
Good luck on move #2. Hope things settle down & you and Rich get some sleep soon.