Thursday, February 4, 2010

Allie's Princess Ballerina Photo Shoot

Anna is usually cooperative in modeling for photos and I had wanted to set up a photo shoot with her wearing her pink princess dress from her second birthday paired with a little jean jacket with a pink kitty on it from Crazy 8. I had been asking Anna for a few weeks if she would wear the outfit so that I could take pictures. She always responded with, "Sure." With everyone being sick and all of the other stuff going on, this past weekend was the first opportunity I had to set up the shoot. I was feeling a bit crappy but figured I could suck it up for twenty minutes or so.

We had a little bit of time in the late afternoon. After the girls' non-nap. Anna was acting cooperative and Allie chimed in that she wanted to participate so I grabbed her yellow princess dress. I was trying to time it all perfectly, giving them their snack while I set up the backdrop. Anna had stretched out on the floor watching television. When I asked her if she was ready to change into her dress, she lifted her head and said, "NO," and then I thought she was pretending to sleep.

But she wasn't pretending.

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She slept like that for half an hour.

Allie decided that she wanted to wear Anna's pink dress, which was fine by me, and be my little model. She was just so adorable. I couldn't believe all the posing she was doing all on her own.

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Note that the pink dress is size 18 months. The girls are TINY.


Just Me said...

Super cute!

Jayme said...

Beautiful! And Anna is so sweet sleeping :)

Goddess in Progress said...

The sleeping on the floor always makes me giggle. But that ballerina dress and her beautiful poses are just TOO much!

J said...


Heather said...

They are beautiful, sleeping and all!

Esther and Brian said...

Oh wow- 18 months! They are surely tiny! Then again, so are my boys! Did you know that 1t 17 months they can wear their 0-3 months and 3-6 months surf short/swim shorts quite easily??? Yep...

Cute photos, I love them- your girls always look precious.

Anonymous said...

Precious! I love it!

Pyjammy Pam said...

oh my gosh, those pictures are TOO cute!