Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleeping update

I have been working on a post and, blah, I just can't finish it tonight so I thought I would post a quick update regarding the sleep situation. I have slept in my own bed for a week now. I think it has been about a week. It is easy to lose track of time here.

Anna and Emily are slowly getting better at night. Even though we have been placing gates in their doorways to keep them contained in their rooms, they still find a way to play with each other. Allie has been incredible and Rich and I have been commenting to each other that, thank goodness, we have one out of three that does not require too much attention at night. Allie sits in her bed, reads books and then falls asleep. There is no running around, no whining, no crying, no pleading for more stories. Having her own room has definitely been a good thing for Allie.

Morning wake up can be interesting and entertaining. Whoever wakes up first usually wakes up her sisters. This morning, Emily could be heard running into Anna's and Allie's rooms to see if they were awake. As long as it is after 7:00, I am okay with it.

We had a bit of an unexpected early wake-up yesterday morning. I was awakened from a deep sleep by Em saying, "The E isn't on my door anymore, Mommy." I glanced over at the clock. 6:03. I made an attempt at damage control but Anna was awake already. I told them both that it was the middle of the night and that they needed to go back to sleep. Didn't work.

I have a ton of photos on my camera ready for upload. Hoping to post some this week. Stay tuned.


mie said...

Glad things are getting better and you've been able to sleep in your bed!

Mackenzie said...

thats great news

Dale said...

My DIL put a digital clock next to her 3 year olds bed and told her that she couldn't come out of her room until the first number was a 7. It makes us all laugh to envision her laying there watching for a 7 and having no clue when it will appear. Might be worth a try.