Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sayings & Sunglasses

I was wearing a t-shirt tonight as I was a little bit overheated from my walk home in my super warm LL Bean jacket. Allie at first was complaining because she wanted me to wear "Pink" (my Gap fleece that I wear almost every night.) "Pink is in the laundry, Allie."

She was touching my bare arm and asked, "You have a hair on your arm, Mommy?"

Then she looked up at my face and said, "You have a hair in your noses."

I love these girls.

Someone (sorry, I can't remember who!) asked in the comments section if Emily is always the one wearing the blue sunglasses. We actually have three pairs of those sunglasses so sometimes Piggy wears a pair

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and sometimes Anna wears a pair.

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mie said...

You must have a lot of funny conversations with your girls.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks!!!!!!!! That was me who asked that question. They are so cute.