Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quiet Time

Instead of nap time with the girls running around in their rooms, we have instituted quiet time, which consists of the girls hanging out in the family room, watching television, after they eat lunch. Yeah, I know, watching television. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to quiet them down enough to sit still. This gives those who are tired an opportunity to take a nap.

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And nap, they do. This is Emily from a day last week.

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I just love how Piggy's foot is in her nose.

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Yes, just adorable. Em usually naps during quiet time.

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Did you happen to catch the stickers on Em's leg in the first picture? I walked into the room just in time to catch Allie placing those on Em's leg. And yes, there are stickers on Piggy as well.


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So let's talk about our wonderful morning today. The girls have been sleeping in their rooms, not waking up too early, not waking up too often for quite a few days now. Until this morning. Em started whimpering around 2:00. I won't go in there unless it is a full out cry and after a few minutes she went back to sleep. She was up again an hour later but started to cry. I ran in, fearing that she would awaken her sisters. After trying to settle her for what seemed like half an hour, Rich suggested that I just bring her back to our bed. We all did not fall back asleep until close to 4:00.

At 5:15, Anna is awake and standing at the stairway gate saying, "I'm ready to go downstairs." Rich attempts to settle her and now Allie for almost half an hour and eventually gives up. Em, of course, has awakened. I think that they have these identical triplet sensors and they just know when their sisters are awake. Rich did guide Allie and Anna back to their beds and told them to go back to sleep as it was still in the middle of the night. They cried for a bit and then just crawled out of bed. I gave up at 6:10.

We did have real nap time today but Allie was the only one who slept. As you can probably imagine, they were exhausted tonight and asleep by 7:15, which is unheard of in our house.

Sleep toddlers. SLEEP.


Drew and Emily said...

I would say I feel your pain but I only have one toddler that we play the sleep game with. We resorted to putting him to bed at 7-7:30 since he gets up between 5:45-6:30 every morning. He is just an early waker and we have given up the idea of sleeping in. He does nap for 3-4 hours per day. We have tried everything and realized that you have to do what you have to for your family (and sanity).

Wendy said...

I so hope at least 2/3 of your babies sleep tonight.

mie said...

I hope they slept!

Heather said...

I hope they sleep tonight.

And those pictures? Wow, she looks like an angel.