Sunday, January 3, 2010

PSA: Deals and Steals

Forgive me for being too lazy (or tired or busy) to take pictures of my purchases but I wanted to post that there are some phenomenal deals out with respect to toddler girl clothing. Can you tell how much I LOVE shopping for the girls? It's so easy to do considering that there is soooo much cute clothing out there and with the many seasons we have experience here in New England, we need everything from sweaters to layers to summer attire.

A few days before Christmas, I checked out The Children's Place as the girls are close to wearing size 2T pants and I wanted to see if there were any deals on jeans. I ended up purchasing three pairs of fleece pajamas, three pairs of jeans, three long sleeve tee shirts and three sweaters for $75. The non-sale total would have been $125.

And then it was over to Old Navy online a few days after Christmas where I picked up three pairs of pants, three hoodies, three turtleneck dresses, four turtleneck shirts and one smocked top all for $100. Thankyouverymuch.

Yesterday, I found a winter nightgown in size 3T marked down to $2.25 in the holiday clearance section at Target.

Shall we talk about Gymboree and her sister, Crazy 8, who are constantly tempting me with their adorable clothing. After I spend my gymbucks this month, I have promised to lay off on the shopping for awhile. The girls have plenty of clothes to get us through to spring and then we will just pick up items here and there as needed. I have taken advantage of the big sale going on at Gymboree right now and purchased an adorable outfit (top and pants) for $10, three summer hats for $1.99 each (original price was $12.75 each) and a seersucker jacket for $6.99 (original price was $39.99!).

Oh, wait - I think I do have pictures.

Gymboree Outlet - $2.99 each

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Osk Kosh Outlet - $6.00 each (not a huge bargain but a huge discount at original price of $20)

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Jayme said...

I can't wait to spend my gymbucks!
I love shopping for my girls, it's so much fun!

Wendy said...

Nice score!