Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a good thing I can sew and preschool update

It's a bit ironic that I posted that picture of Piggy the other day. Poor, poor Piggy. Last night, the girls settled down fairly quickly in their cribs and I thought that they were all asleep. It had been at least twenty minutes or so since I had last heard talking or shuffling of crib items. Well, all of a sudden Em starts screaming. Hysterical screaming. As I'm running up the stairs, I interpret her screaming to mean that something has happened to one of her lovies. I assume that Lion has fallen out of her crib.

As I was going from full light to almost complete darkness, my eyes had not adjusted so I couldn't see very well. It sounded like she said, "Fix Piggy," as she handed me something small and fuzzy. Piggy's leg had come detached from his body. (Note that although Piggy is pink, he is referred to as a he instead of a she.) For some reason, the sight of this poor pig with a missing leg was funny to me. Really funny. Is that wrong? While trying to stifle my laughter, I found Lion in Em's crib and managed to convince her to lie down with Lion while I went to sew Piggy's leg back on.

And I did immediately sew his leg back on. Emily fell asleep before I finished so I placed him in her crib on her arm. Piggy did not escape the incident unscathed though. In at attempt to avoid re-detaching, I shoved the leg up into the open hip socket, which means that he now has one leg that is shorter than the other. Poor Piggy.

Preschool Update

We have been going back and forth with the preschool trying to set up an appointment for Anna to be "observed" by a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. I mentioned this to Anna last night hoping that she would be excited to go visit the school. Here's how the conversation went:

Mommy: "Anna, next month we are going to visit some teachers at the preschool. It's going to be a lot of fun. Okay?"

Anna: "And Allie and Em are going to go too."

Mommy: "No, honey, just you and me. Then Allie and Em will go. We are going to go first and tell them how much fun it is."

Anna: "But I want Allie and Em to go too."

Mommy: "It's okay, sweetie. Allie and Em will go with you later."

At this point, she started pouting and looking down at the floor. Then she broke out into tears. The girls share such a deep bond and this episode was evidence of that. I don't necessarily feel that she wants them to go with her for comfort but more for that fact that they are always together.

I did laugh when the therapist asked me during our phone conversation if Anna napped as we were attempting to set up an appointment in the middle of the day. Yeah, Anna is going to be just fine at that time. She is still nap dropping!

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Wendy said...

Anna is such a sweetie. All the kinds horeses and all the kings men helped sew piggy together again!