Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hanging in there...

Rich was feeding the girls some ice cream last night after dinner and poor Em coughed so hard, she threw up a little bit. Well, last night about two minutes after I hit the Publish Post button, I heard Emily coughing and crying upstairs. It was the cry of something being really wrong so I raced up there to find that she had thrown up some more with that coughing spell. She had been lying on her back so it was just on her face and in her hair. At that point, I brought her downstairs to clean her up and made the decision to just sleep with her downstairs. She slept better than the night before but still woke up coughing quite a bit.

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Anna and Allie are doing much better but are not 100%.

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I could tell that Allie was feeling better because she was so naughty today. It's just an attention thing and it drives me and Rich crazy. Add that to the fact that they did not nap, not even for two minutes, and you can imagine the grumpiness. All three are still having coughing fits but it doesn't sound like it is in their lungs, just their throats. Instead of napping today, they had managed to swipe the diaper rash cream, wipes and lotion from the top of the changing table and were in the process of putting diaper rash cream on their dolls and animals. Lucky for us, they hadn't been able to squeeze anything out of the tube. The party ended when Anna's hand became stuck in the opening of the wipes container.

I remembered something that I was going to post yesterday and completely forgot. JEN left a comment the other day asking if that was the Richard Scarry book in the photos of Anna and Em. Yes, it is! That was my favorite book when I was little. It is funny reading it to the girls because I still remember a lot of it. The girls now call it "The Richard Scarry book" but for awhile they used to refer to it as "The Scary Book" or "The Scary Richard book."


B said...

So sorry to hear the coughing plague is visiting your house as well. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope everyone gets well soon. This has been an awful season for all kinds of goop.