Thursday, January 28, 2010

General babble

I have to admit that I was actually relieved when the doctor told us that Allie had a double ear infection and that Em had bronchitis. I knew something was wrong, very wrong, and I was fearful that Dr. E was going to tell us that it was just a bad cold or a flu virus. They are now both on antibiotics and I hear that it was quite the interesting adventure having those prescriptions filled at the pharmacy as their computer system reads birthdays of children and not names and only wanted to give us one bottle of the pink stuff.

Grammy told Allie and Em that taking their medicine is like drinking a pink milkshake and they have been cooperative. Em slurps hers down while Allie prefers little sips. After a shaky start to the night, they both slept like rocks, which their little bodies so desperately needed.

We did not bring Anna to the doctor as she appears to have made a full recovery. She coughs here and there and has a little bit of snot left but that is about it. She has been eating and sleeping normally. Well, normal for them. It is interesting to me that this cold managed to transform itself into two different infections for Allie and Em.

For those of you who are new readers or may not remember everything I have ever posted, I want to say that the girls are hardly ever sick. They have had maybe three colds, two or three short-lived puking incidents and Em and Allie both had one UTI each when they were infants. It was determined that the UTIs were as a result of an odd shaped opening between their bladders and their right kidneys. Anna also has an issue with the opening to her right kidney. That's one way that I know that they are definitely identical.

In the comments to yesterday's post, Helen asked if Em would be receiving breathing treatments. Actually, she isn't. I read a lot of twin/triplet blogs and message boards and I know that it is quite common for kiddos to need breathing treatments. The girls have never needed assistance with breathing. I know nothing about breathing treatments. I was actually a bit surprised that she had bronchitis as she wasn't wheezing at all. Just a really stuffy nose and some coughing.

The transition to toddler beds continues to be an entertaining journey. Anna and Em did not nap yesterday but instead decided to line all of their stuffed animals and dolls up in front of the door to Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. And although exhausted, they refused to lie down last night. Poor Allie fell asleep immediately but I could hear Anna and Em singing the Barney clean up song along with little footsteps in the upstairs hall.

I have to note that Anna is hysterical in the mornings when she awakens. She climbs out of her bed and stands at the gate at the top of the stairs and announces, "I'm ready."

So I completely forgot to mention this the other day. Best. Toddler. Quote. Ever. My aunt and uncle have a house in New Hampshire on a lake. At the party on Sunday, we were all discussing potentially making a day trip up there in the future. After we arrived home, Allie was on the couch just completely miserable. I was telling Anna how we might take a trip to the lake house and then I added, "Maybe when it gets warm out." Anna looked at me and replied, "Yeah, maybe when Allie stops crying."

Here are a few pictures from Sunday. Allie, Em, Anna. Please note that these are technically not the greatest photos but cute. Oh, but poor Allie and Em. You can see how terrible they must have felt.

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SandiH said...

Oh my, Allie and Em are definitely miserable little girls. I hope the antibiotics work quickly and get them back to their normal bubbly selves. Having sick kiddos is hard on parents physically and emotionally.

Pyjammy Pam said...

OMG, that Anna! What a comedian! Hee hee!

Hope Em and Allie feel better v soon. And I'm glad for you that you don't have to do breathing treatments. It sucks. And isn't necessarily related to prematurity, because mine never had lung issues at birth either. My lucky trio inherited it from their father. Hmmmmmph. :P

freckletree. said...

oh those photos kill!

my twins are sicko right now and have breathing treaments and on the pink milkshakes. i only wish they were enjoying them.

good luck with this, as i know how difficult it is with two, but, of course, you have another to care for as well.