Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eventually the smell of vomit will dissipate

There was some puking in our house yesterday. Allie, several times. Anna, once. Emily, none. This was only the third time that the girls have contracted some type of stomach bug and, interestingly enough, we have never had all three stomach sick at the same time. The couch always seems to be a good target and despite my best efforts to remove the remaining smell with a Febreeze bath last night, the smell of toddler vomit still lingered in the air.

And keeping in fashion with being sick, Allie awakened at midnight last night and created enough of a ruckus to awaken Emily. I don't mind having them sleep somewhere other than their cribs when they are sick but Allie just couldn't get comfortable anywhere. She eventually requested to go back to her crib. Em, on the other hand, was not going to detach herself from me without a fight and we slept downstairs amongst a potpourri of wonderful smells.

I was a bit concerned with Em as she told me her tummy hurt and had trouble falling back asleep. She eventually climbed onto the couch and fell onto the big pillows, making it look like she was in some sort of a nest. I so badly wanted to take a picture of it but passed. It had taken much too long for her to fall asleep only to be awakened by her crazy mother.

Topic Change

Let's talk about hair snarls. Anna has developed this horrible, horrible habit of twirling her hair with a finger, leaving snarls that can take on the characteristics of a rat's nest before you even realize what has happened. That is what happened yesterday. It was so bad, I almost had to cut a section of her hair out to remove the snarls. I finally managed to pull it apart but she lost some hair in the process. I have noticed lately that she doesn't have as much hair as her sisters and I'm wondering if the hair twirling is a contributing factor. We have been trying to keep her hair up in ponies in hopes of avoiding more snarly hair loss.

Allie is also a hair twirler but she never has any snarls. Anna actually twirled her hair around her finger so tight one day last week that she needed assistance to remove her finger from the mess. It's funny, well maybe not that funny, but I remember reading something somewhere by a mother who discussed why her daughter had such a choppy haircut. This was before I had children and I thought, "My kids will never do that."

If you see pictures of Anna with a pixie haircut, you will know what happened.

Random Picture of Anna

being a princess butterfly.

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kdliberty said...

You need to invest in some detangler immediately (available everwhere)! It does help a great deal.I use to babysit for a friend. I would not have survived without it!

Sarah said...

The detangler didn't work - I need to post a picture of it - b/c she twists and twists it and then twists knots into knots, it is a huge snarly mess.

Jayme said...

My 5 yr old is a twirler. She used to do it so bad she'd have dreadlocks on that one side of her head. Always the same spot, because her other hand was used for thumb sucking. We had to cut her hair several times because of it, and it's still not quite as thick and full on that side.

Colleen said...

Vinegar works well for any strange odor. It stink to high heaven at first but anything is better than the smell of vomit. GL! colleen