Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Elmo Shirt Photo Session

I had set up this photo shoot the other day just to play around with a backdrop and my 35mm lens. Allie was still feeling pretty crummy and was resting on the couch. Anna and Em thought it was fun to run across the backdrop and were more interested in watching television instead of looking at the camera.

Anna & Em

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(I know, the white balance is a bit off.)

Em did a lot of this

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and this.

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Did you notice that she is wearing only one sock?


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And then they knocked over the backdrop, which was really just a blanket from my bed draped over propped up couch cushions. Ah yes, we are creative around here.

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That bump there is Anna. Don't worry - no toddlers were injured during this mishap.

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Jayme said...

I love that she has one sock on!

Kim and Troy said...

Where did you find those shirts? My trips have an Elmo BD party next week. Those are TOO CUTE.

Sarah said...

I found those Elmo shirts at Target back in Nov.

Wendy said...

We have those Elmo shirts too!! I love the little barettes in their hair.

Jaime said...

Your girls are so beautiful! do you use a piece of plexiglass for the floor of your photo backdrop? If so how big is it and did you just buy it at a home improvement store?

Jennifer said...

yes! what did you use for the semi-reflective "ground"? i really want to know how to do that. thanks for any insight you can provide.

Cheryl said...

That picture of Miss Anna is so adorable... Your girls are so fun to read about.