Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What a busy, busy weekend

I actually went shopping on Black Friday and, to my surprise, the store appeared as it would on any normal weekend. That store would be Tar-jay of course. My big score of the shopping trip was this Graco nursery playset with baby doll. It includes a doll high chair, a crib/play yard thing, bottle and diaper bag. It was half price so at $24 I purchased one for each of the girls. The theme for this Christmas for the girls is turning into baby dolls (with accessories) and Little People. They LOVE Little People.

It's safe to say that my shopping for the girls is complete, Unless I see something absolutely adorable that I can't resist, of course. I have not done any other shopping and I'm running a bit flat on ideas.

Friday late afternoon/early evening we hosted a pizza party at our house for a small group of my friends from junior high/high school along with their children. I have been friends with these ladies for 20+ years now and they are really amazing. Everyone is so kind and generous. And my friend, Tina, has the best behaved children in the world. I mean, seriously, she should write a parenting book.

My girls had a great time although they were a bit shy here and there. My friend Heather has 18 month old identical twin girls (adorable) and I was really interested in seeing how my girls would react to others playing with all of their toys. They shared without any complaints!

Sunday afternoon we ventured out to a holiday party hosted by one of the multiples groups that we belong to. Again, the girls had fun but they want nothing to do with Santa. Shortly after we arrived, everyone was herded out to the dance floor for a group photo of all the kids. Rich and I had finally situated the girls on the floor where we could stand off to the side right near them. Well, Santa walked in and Allie flipped out. Let's just say that she didn't make it into the group photo.

They had a little studio setup going on with Santa in a smaller room down the hall from the banquet room. I was determined to get a picture of the girls with Santa. I carried Anna in. She wouldn't even look at him. Allie and Em stood in the doorway and were obsessed with the kids in the line behind them who didn't want to see Santa either so they were rolling around on the floor. Santa called out their names and Allie seemed a bit surprised. At one point, she caught herself smiling and had to fight it. The girls wouldn't budge and I didn't want to torture them so no cute Santa pictures here.

I did take other pictures. Of course. But alas they are still on my camera. I'll post those this week. Here are some cute ones from Friday before my friends arrived.

Em and Anna playing the piano.

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Just Anna.

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Snack time. Fishies!

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Keith and Jamie said...

They are so cute and extremely photogenic...love the piggy tails!