Sunday, December 13, 2009

We have a tree and we fit into size 3T.

Over the summer, Rich and I drove past a cut-down-your-own-Christmas-tree place that we did not know existed. We made big plans to return in December with the girls to cut down our own tree. Given that everyone was tired, grumpy, teething and it was freezing outside, Rich just drove up to the center of town yesterday afternoon and purchased a tree from the local Boy Scouts.

I asked the girls to pose in front of the undecorated tree after Rich had placed it in its stand.

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Before you start thinking that the girls are cooperative, let me show you what they do after standing still for approximately three seconds.

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They yell, "Surprise," and run off.

That was not Allie's outfit for the day. She happened to be trying on a skirt that I purchased last month on super clearance at the Children's Place outlet. It is size 3T and I purchased three of them because the waist looked small and they were just so darn cute. The skirt fits!

Rich and I had talked about having a "small" Christmas tree this year. I did not see him bringing it in the front door but Em said, "That is big," when she first saw it. Small in my book is half the size of this one!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, those skirts are adorable. My 1 year old wears a 2T. They do run snug.
I was so excited to find a long skirt. I'm growing tired of skirts that are wider than they are long.

Pyjammy Pam said...

oooh pretty tree!

amberlee said...

Reading about "little ones" cracks me up... my twins are only a couple of months older than your girls and last week, they moved into 5Ts! We are the complete opposite end of the spectrum!

Cindy said...

These pictures are too cute and you are a wonderful photographer! I found you on hdydi and have been catching up on your posts. Love reading your site.
We tried to get pictures of my 5 y/o and twin 18 m/o girls around the tree for a calendar we are making. Didn't happen. The best we could do was 2 in focus and 1 slightly out of focus but we put it on the cover because it was the first shot of the girls together since the little ones became mobile. Last year it took 39 shots to get one picture of the 3 girls looking at us and no one blinking or screaming. My poor husband gave up after 2 dozen - some sitting, some standing, some laying down...not one of them good. It's fun trying though.