Saturday, December 12, 2009

7:12 AM

What were you doing?

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Lion was having a bottle.

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Today was my day to post over at How Do You Do It. Click here for a direct link.

Embarrassingly enough, my post has not yet received any comments. It was too common an issue, I'm sure. I suppose I shouldn't quit my day job. {Insert laughter here.}


Wendy said...

Confirmed: You are amazing. Not only are you up and functional, but you're taking pictures!
At 7:12am, if the girls wake up they can sit and cry/talk/laugh/yell aaaaaaall they want. Mom's not getting up :P

Dale said...

Popped over to "How do you do it" and noticed, like my grand-daughters, your three seem to be in baby doll mode. I am making/sewing all three of mine their own diaper bags so they can stop dragging moms huge bags around. Just something for you to whip out in all your spare time. Wouldn't want you to get rested !!! ;-)

Sarah said...

Wendy - not only was I up at 7:12 but I was up from 3:45 to 6:00. We are in teething mode here. And there was hammering so I couldn't take a nap once Rich was up :(

Dale - I would LOVE to sew little diaper bags - if only I had the time!