Sunday, December 6, 2009

Waving the white flag

This teething thing is getting the best of me. I am exhausted. Rich is exhausted. We had another busy weekend and I feel as if nothing was accomplished. I've been sleeping downstairs with one, two or all three munchkins for I don't know how many nights now. We had some really good nights before Thanksgiving (I think) and then it started to slide downhill. I have convinced myself that Em has another tooth about to break through any moment now. I hope that's the case or I am going to be really disappointed.

We are moving forward with having our basement finished off and hopefully in January you will be reading about how wonderful our transition to separate rooms and toddler beds is going. {Stay positive, right?}

I spent half of Friday night with all three girls downstairs, which means that I didn't sleep much as there really was no room for me on the make shift bed. Rich had a group meeting for his class on Saturday morning and I have to tell you that that was a tough morning to get through. I followed the "sleep when your baby sleeps" thing in the afternoon and Rich had to wake me up almost three hours later.

I spent the entire night with Emily downstairs last night. Rich dealt with Anna and Allie upstairs. They woke up a few times and fussed and cried but he was able to get them back asleep in their own cribs, which was a very good thing because as that was going on, I looked over at Emily who was lying on her back in the middle of the make shift bed with her arms stretched out. All I could think was, "If Rich brings another toddler down here, I don't know what I'm going to do with Princess Leia."

I am very behind on my posts and plan to catch up this week. I have a ton of cute pictures {of course} including those from our first snow of the season and those that did not make it on our family holiday card. I'm learning that my girls are very cooperative when the photo shoot is unplanned.


CNH said...

Oh honey, it's so hard with two I can't imagine how much harder three would be! I know you're shooting for independence but would a big old huge bed where everyone could snuggle up be an option? I'm all about getting the most sleep for everyone. I think I'm about to go back to co-sleeping with one of my twins before I strangle her (she's a crib escapee all of the sudden, too!) Regardless you get HUGE hugs from this Mama. I feel like I haven't slept well since they were born!

Kelli said...

Sorry to hear about your sleeping issues, we recently put our trips in their own rooms and it has worked wonders! So hopefully that will work for yours. Don't worry too much about your Christmas picture beiing perfect, I blogged about that yesterday also! And for today's post I stole one of your titles, Out of the mouths of babes! Too cute! Kelli

Cassie said...

I was wondering the same thing. Why not buy an air mattress even??

You sound like an amazing mom, you have a big heart and it shows. And Im sure that you love snuggling with them, but you need sleep, lady!!

What would happen if when the 1st one cries, you just go in and consol her? Don't get her out of bed, dont let her leave the room. Just rub her back, tell her you love her and tell her she needs to go back to sleep in her own bed?? If she wakes the other 2, tell them the same thing, and that you are sorry sissy woke them up, but its time to go back to sleep! They may be upset for a few nights, and cry quite a bit, but I would just go back in every few mins and tell them the same thing, maybe sing them a lullaby... comfort them in a way that doesnt lead to you getting a horrible nights sleep. Worst case scenario, you are up an hr in the middle of the night with them, but you get to sleep the rest of the night comfortable, in your bed!!

When my boys were teething we had a couple nights where they woke up a ton and I would give them motrin and just rock them until they fell back asleep. Sometimes they would sleep with me in my bed, but it never became a habit.