Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

Before I post our Christmas recap, here are some cute pictures from the week before Christmas.

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The girls' Grandma gave them these adorable shirts a few days before the family Christmas party. She picked them on super clearance last year after Christmas.

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{That's Em and she is waving not motioning that I should not take a picture.}

My photographer's mind immediately thought of an adorable photo shoot involving cookies for Santa and the girls wearing their shirts. Yeah, didn't happen. I wasn't able to get over to Home Depot for supplies I would need for a back drop so I decided to settle for a cute picture of the girls wearing their shirts instead.

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This was after the family Christmas party. The same family Christmas party where Santa terrified Allie. I made the mistake of reading what the shirts said to the girls. Allie told me that she did not want to be Santa's little helper and she would not wear her shirt. I tried to get that shirt on her and she freaked out. Based on her fear of Santa, I think she believed that if she wore the shirt, she was going to have to interact with Santa somehow. I kind of did feel bad and did not force her to wear the shirt.

Maybe next year.

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Meg said...

Gosh, that's so funny Allie didn't want to wear the shirt! :)

King Quads said...

That is such a cute post and what a funny story to remind Allie about when she is older!

Anonymous said...
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freckletree. said...

poor allie! i love it!

Helen said...

So cute! Cracks me up that Allie refused to wear the shirt because of the Santa association!