Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Recap - Part I

Due in part to some procrastination mixed with being busy with everyday stuff (I wonder what that would be!), I hadn't wrapped any presents so Grammy offered to help out with the girls for a few hours the morning of Christmas Eve day. Grammy ended up with a migraine (before she started helping out with the girls) and had to be taken to the ER by one of my brothers for medication delivered via IV. This has happened in the past so I shouldn't have been overly concerned but I was. How could I not be?

Christmas dinner and family festivities were going to be held at Grammy and Papa's house so Grammy had planned to stop at the grocery store after helping out with the girls. She was in the ER and the grocery stores around here were scheduled to close at 6:00 PM. I knew Grammy wasn't going to be in any shape to go the store after the ER so I told her that I would take care of it. I had to decide whether or not to take all three girls to the store by myself or hope that Rich would arrive home early enough from work so that we could go together or I could go by myself.

Rich arrived home early (phew!) and we all headed off to the grocery store and then over to Grammy and Papa's house to deliver the goods. We didn't have any Christmas Eve plans so we stopped at Wendy's on the home to pick up chicken tenders and fries for the girls for dinner as it was getting very close to their bedtime. Now, I should note here that the girls have consumed Wendy's food approximately five times. That's it. But when we drive by the place, someone always points it out. "There's Wendy's."

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We had been telling the girls over and over that they needed to sleep in their beds all night so that Santa could come to bring them toys and that if they cried, they might scare the reindeer away. We even left cookies out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. I am totally admitting here that I did feel a bit guilty about lying. But then I thought about the "tales" that I tell them almost every night when I leave their room in order to keep them from crying and begging me to sit next to their cribs. What are those tales? That will have to be another post for another day.

I decided to not wrap the girls' presents for a few different reasons. 1. Most of the toys were too large to be easily wrapped. (Think doll high chairs and play yards.) 2. The girls really aren't into ripping wrapping paper and opening boxes just yet. 3. I really didn't have the time.

Em's molars are coming in and she woke up crying in the middle of the night so I ended up bringing her downstairs to sleep. I was so nervous she would spot the toys and cause a ruckus but thankfully it all worked out. She didn't notice anything until after 7:00 in the morning and patiently waited for us to get her sisters. Crisis diverted.

{Stay tuned. Christmas day pictures tomorrow.}

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