Thursday, December 3, 2009

Plan B

Which may soon turn into Plan C.

I attempted another photo shoot with the girls by myself last week. It took awhile to convince Emily that she needed to wear her adorable outfit. And then Anna decided that she did not want her picture taken. It was a whole bunch of fun. I promise to share the lovely photos at some point.

I had originally planned to design our holiday cards as I did last year. After the failed photo shoots, I browsed through some online, fill-in-the-photo cards but couldn't find one that I like that works with the pictures that I have (and don't have.) Last night, I came up with Plan B and began to design our card using other pictures but it isn't really working.

Plan C?
Plan D?

Because I am into photography, I feel like everyone is going to be judging these cards. In the whole scheme of life, it is stupid. I know. But I can't seem to get past it.


Anonymous said...

I use this freeware program when designing my own cards works pretty well:

hope this helps!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Don't worry. People just like getting Christmas cards. The pressure is so great that I'm glad I washed my hands of doing them years ago - people can read my blog if they want to see photos!

Sara said...

I totally get that feeling! I hope you find what you are looking for and the girls cooperate.

Anonymous said...

All of your pics are amazing. I'm sure they will turn out great. The piano pics you've posted would even be cute for a holiday care!

Heather said...

Why don't you put the outtakes on the card? I know that you want them to look good but if good is just not working for you make bad look fantastic. I guarantee people will get a huge laugh out of it, if nothing else.