Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Elmo going to throw up?

The girls have blossomed into little creative creatures. As a parent, it is wonderful to witness as they play independently and with each other. Games and scenarios are invented on a daily basis.

I find it hysterical to walk into the family room and find Elmo sleeping on the time out chair.

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Especially when there is a bowl next to his head. I asked Allie if Elmo was feeling sick thinking that the bowl was there for him to throw up in. She said that it was his food.

Here he is with some water and food. It actually looks like someone rounded up a Kix for his pot. Notice how she covered him with her favorite blankie and a sleepsack.

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The girls posing with some lovies.

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Em, Anna, Allie

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I'm realizing that in almost every single "we are just hanging around the house" picture, the girls hair is NEVER done. I do brush it but it ends up looking like a mess anyway and when we are just in the house, I'm lazy about cute styling.

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Pyjammy Pam said...

good god. that is too freaking cute! elmo...hee hee hee!