Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day Recap

We decided to host Thanksgiving Day events here at our house again this year for a variety of reasons - two of them being that our house is toddler proofed and that it was convenient for us to not have to pack and unpack three toddlers and all of their gear. Thanksgiving Eve sleep was another disaster. Allie woke up at 2:00 (I think) in the morning screaming. I went to pick her up and she was freaking out. Anna, amazingly enough, was sleeping throught the whole ordeal. Em was not. I went over to grab Em and then pick up Allie, thinking I could haul 50 pounds of toddler out of there without disturbing Anna. Didn't happen but I do have to note that I realized today that even though I haven't seen the inside of a gym in more than four years, my triceps are feeling pretty strong.

Rich brought Allie downstairs and I was left to sleep with Anna and Em in our bed. I should note that I was allocated a section of the bed about 18 inches wide. Anna fell back asleep right away. After an hour of Em squirming around, I brought her downstairs to sleep with Allie while Rich headed back upstairs to sleep in our bed with Anna.

I wish I had known that Allie's bottom molar had broken through the gum line. She never said that her mouth hurt though and the girls had slept great in their cribs for the past two nights.

I was awakened the next morning to the sounds of Anna screaming when she realized that Mommy was no longer in the bed with her. She was in a bad mood and when I asked her where she had been sleeping, she replied, "NO, I was sleeping with MOMMY." She was not a happy camper.

Although exhausted, we all enjoyed Thanksgiving. The girls didn't really eat much of their turkey dinner. Of course.

Here's a cute picture of the girls.

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I thought it was hysterical that when Em ran off, Anna and Allie both waved and shouted, "Em, come back."

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And after the turkey, the ponies come out (Anna)

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and the tights come off (Allie).

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Pyjammy Pam said...

love the pics, as usual. :)

after our chaotic thanksgiving, i've decided christmas is definitely going to be at ours. i think linus tumbling down a few stairs at our friend's house decided that.

Helen said...

LOL! That last pic is cracking me up!

So sorry the sleep woes are continuing :( Is "a full night of sleep for the whole family" on your Christmas wish list?

CNH said...

Oh those DRESSES! Where did you get them? They look heavenly soft.

Sarah said...

I picked up the dressed over a year ago on sale at the Children's Place - yes, they are soft!

Yup Helen - wishing for some sleep!