Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Since Rich is gone at least one night a week for class and often another night a week for a group work session related to class, he suggested that Grammy and I get out one night a week when he's home. I've taken advantage of that time and have started Christmas shopping, which is really unlike me. I usually make all of my purchases in December and not a day before.

I've decided that this will probably be the best Christmas with the girls mainly because they don't really know what's going on. They know what Santa Claus looks like, they know that we will be getting a Kissmas tree but they don't understand what presents are. I like it this way. There is no begging and pleading and lists a mile long.

So far I've purchased baby dolls, doll accessories, Elmo shirts, fairy wings... I think there was something else... Oh, (not Christmas related at all) but I picked up Halloween skirts at Walmart for $1. Just black and orange skirts with Halloween stuff on them. $1. Can't beat that.

I'm actually really excited for Christmas this year. It's going to be so wonderful to see their little faces light up that morning. That is pure joy.


monica said...

Good for you for shopping early! I agree these years are the best for Christmas, it's all just so innocent!

Helen said...

I don't blame you for wanting to start early! I am SO excited about Christmas this year - the last two years the boys just didn't "get it".

I left you blog award BTW :)