Sunday, October 25, 2009

Real Life: Triplets

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Sunday morning. A bit past midnight to 7:05 am.

When your back is aching.

And you feel a migraine coming on. {Think small daggers stabbing your right eye.}

And you are exhausted to begin with. {Need to remember to take Vitamin D.}

This is not how you want to sleep.

This is how I slept.

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Well, see where that white pillow is. That is where I slept. Yes, on the cracks of the sofa cushions. Let me tell you that it feels sooooooooooo good on your back. Yup.

I just knew last night when we went to bed that it wasn't going to be good. I had that feeling. And as I said to Rich at 2:00 am, there was no need in both adults spending half the night awake with fussy toddlers.

As a somewhat funny sidenote, Anna rolls around in her sleep. A lot. She's the middle toddler in the above photos. Both her and Allie were sleeping horizontal as opposed to vertical, which is how you see them now. See that pillow on the floor above Anna's head. I managed to place that there after she rolled off of our makeshift bed and I had to haul her back up onto the bed without awakening Allie and Em. Around 5:00 - 5:30, she rolled off again but her head landed perfectly on the pillow and she slept there on the floor.

These girls are crazy.

Although teething is involved, I am now bribing them with M&Ms. Stay tuned for more on that.

Upcoming this week will be a potty training update, two and half year "pro" photos and lots of other fun stuff!


Mommy, Esq. said...

What about a sticker chart? They should be old enough that if they sleep in their own cribs and don't get you (or themselves) up in the middle of the night then they get a sticker and after a certain number of stickers they can do something fun - like maybe a solo outing with mommy or daddy. I seriously would not be surviving - how are you working despite the lack of sleep?

amberlee said...

Hey, Sarah- Just wanted to share this idea with you...

When our twins started climbing out of their cribs (I know your's aren't climbing out, but aren't staying in, nonetheless....), anyway, I was losing my everloving mind for lack of sleep as they were tearing apart their room ten times a day in the process; and we really couldn't afford two crib tents. We decided to buy a regular camping tent. We took down their cribs and put their crib mattresses inside, along with their pillows, blankets, a few favorite animals and soft toys. We took the windows and top off so they had plenty of ventilation and zipped them up at night so they couldn't get out :)

Redneck? Yeah, maybe. Did they absolutely love sleeping on the floor together? Absolutely. Did Mommy and Daddy FINALLY get some sleep after months of torture? You bet your pants we did! Redneck? I prefer to think of it as genius. It worked for us until they were big enough to move into "big" beds on their own. (They are almost three now).

Sarah said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I have thought about the sticker chart but I know my girls and I don't think they will quite get it. If solo outings were guaranteed, I think we could try it but those are hard for us to do. I might try the sticker chart though with some bribes thrown in.

Oh, the tent thing sounds like a good idea. Although we would need 3 b/c they wouldn't be able to share. I was hoping that after their teeth come in and we move them to their separate rooms, the newness combined with big girl beds will help. I'll probably be completely wrong on that though.

As for lack of sleep. I usually nap on the weekends (or Rich and I take turns sleeping in). I get about 2-3 hours before someone wakes up and then another 3-4 after the bed move. Sat night was just an exceptionally bad night.

Lee Anne said...

Has anyone ever mentioned teething tablets to you before? They are homiopathic and I talked with my pediatrician about them before using them with my kiddos. But I will say they were a life saver for me. I think I would have lost my sanity without them. As a matter of fact, one of mine is getting his second year molars so I have now pulled them back out and am using them with him each night. I would recommend them to any mom with teething kiddos! And that spot you had to sleep in so does not look comfy. Hope you get to sleep in your bed for an entire night with just you and hubby soon!

JEN said...

Thinking of you.
The photos are priceless by the way.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog on a multiples site. I am a mommy of triplet girls, 2id and 1frat. When I saw the pictures of your girls I immediately thought of the series of books Flicka, Ricka and Dicka by Maj Lindman. They are about three identical girls with blond hair and blue eyes! I thought in case you hadn't heard of it, I would pass it along. Your girls are just beautiful, by the way!