Saturday, October 24, 2009

I must be going crazy.

I (along with my entire family) have been calling the girls' driveway toys Crazy Coupes instead of Cozy Coupes. I don't know how or when that started. I have not yet had time to check through my blog to see if I have always made that mistake or ever commented on the name change. Upon realizing our mistake, I asked the girls to say Cozy Coupe and it sounded more like Crazy so maybe that's how this all started.

This is so bad/wrong but we were reading a triplet publication a few weeks ago and saw an ad for three Cozy Coupes. We actually said, "Oh, that poor person doesn't even know the name of the toy. They are calling them Cozy instead of Crazy."

The mistake was discovered when Rich and I ran into the toy store today and walked by the display. Oooops.

Today was my day to post over at How Do You Do It. If you are late reading this, you can click here for a direct link to my post.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, That is so funny...I was just trying to think how the name Crazy Coups started and I can't. I remember seeing the boxes in the garage but I don't recall actually reading label. I like Crazy better than Cozy because the girls go 'crazy' in them;-)

FrenznickFive said...

we have three Cozy Coups as well and every time I read your blog and you called the "crazy coups" I just assumed that's why you liked to call them because the girls drove around crazy in them.... I didn't know you thought that's what they were actually called! so funny!

Kristine said...

you just crazy girl :)
Loved the last year/ this year pixs of the butterfly girls. Last year they kind of look like ~ just WHAT are they doing to us now!! This year it is TA DAH!!! I hope you all have a great time trick or treating this year. If your NEW neighborhood runs out of candy, come see us :)