Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little People

We're little people with great big plans.

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Little people, we've got helping hands.

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Little people, we count from one to ten.

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Little people and we'll always be friends.

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*Credits - Little People lyrics taken from Fisher Price.

*Little people - Anna = cozy pink striped dress, Em = sporty purple striped dress, Allie = baby rock star skinny jeans.

*Photography notes - I keep trying to take pictures against that wall as it is the only other bare one in the house but the flash does not bounce well in that room and there is NO light in there most of the time. {Sigh}

*Mommy notes - I really like that last picture.


Wendy said...

Those boots! I have been stalking TArget for boots like that for M&L. Please for the love of pete, tell me where you found them!? Unless they are real live baby Uggs. Then... um. Could ya loan me a few bucks: :P
Fingers crossed for a few minutes peace.

Sarah said...

Wendy - they are from Target!!! All 3 pair - But we bought them back at the beginning of Sept, I think. I actually bought 2 pairs of the ones that Allie is wearing.

I refuse to have 2.5 year olds wearing realy Uggs - LOL - I'm sure they would be destroyed within days.

Helen said...

Sarah, your girls seriously always are dressed SO cute! I just love your pictures of them :)

Rich said...

Daddy says this post brought tears to his eyes.

Meg said...

Aw, so cute! I love when I get both my girls to smile at the same time. I even guessed correctly as to who is who in the pictures! :)

Keith and Jamie said...

That last picture is so adorable!!! what personalities!!!!

Sarah said...

Your girls are just so adorable! Although now I will have that song stuck in my head all day. ;)

The Beers Family said...


Anonymous said...

your welcome on the book if only you had the time to read! LOL So you know, the woman author wrote "The No Cry Sleep Solution" for babies, and a brand new one for toddlers and preschoolers. I just ordered a new copy of it on ebay for $1. Keep your eye out if interested. It saved my sanity! and restored peace.

Jan said...

As well you should - it is a classic!

Bethany said...

Gosh, they are so darn cute!!!!