Friday, October 2, 2009

Five Years. Hawaii.

Rich and I were married five years ago. Today. {How does five years happen to pass by like that?} After the wedding, we spent almost two weeks vacationing on some of the lovely islands of Hawaii. And do you know what we decided after that? We vowed to return to Hawaii in five years. Do you see where this is going?

Okay, clearly I am not in Hawaii right now. Oh, how I wish I was. The warm sun warming my shoulders. Giggling girls digging through tropical sand. Returning to Hawaii this year wasn't even an option that was discussed. It was a given that with the girls and everything else going on in our lives that it would be near impossible to make such a trip.

But this week, I allowed my mind to wander and thought about the what ifs. My first mistake was looking online. As a PSA, I warn you that if there is a vacation that you cannot take, do not open the internet. Turn on the television. Read a book. Do NOT open the internet. You may see hotels such as this or this and that is not a good thing.

So I really started thinking about logistics. What if? Could Rich and I even pull off a trip like that? With the girls? I mean, if we are going to go to Hawaii, we surely cannot leave the girls here with Grammy. That would just be cruel. And I think that they would enjoy Hawaii. They are old enough. We would have to bring Grammy along because she has never been to Hawaii and well, that would just be cruel not to bring her. Plus, having another adult around is always a good thing.

What about carseats? I know that rental car companies have them but after some online searching, the statements "not guaranteed" and "available on a first come first serve basis" kept appearing. Hmmmm, I didn't feel warm and fuzzy reading that. And what about Anna's medication. Can you carry liquid medication onto a plane? We would have to. And we would have to ensure that a pharmacy near the hotel(s) would be able to fill it if needed. We've had enough spilling incidents for me not to know better. And we also have Anna's cathing kits. One of our carry-on bags would have to just be her kits. I wouldn't trust to have them shipped to the hotel or even leave my sight. Without those, we are in BIG trouble.

So many little things to think of when you consider travel with little ones. I stopped there. I didn't even want to think about sleeping arrangements. Let's just say that the girls will be well acclimated to big girl beds before any overnight trips are planned.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was going to post some pictures from our honeymoon but guess what happened? That's right - crazy, sick, teething toddlers. Rich and I are both still sick and need to head to bed as soon as possible. All of our honeymoon pictures are from film and my scanner is approximately seven years old and HORRIBLE. Pictures look so much better if I just take a digital picture of it and post that way. Maybe some day when I don't have a blog post planned, I'll do that.



Anonymous said...

Just let me know when you are ready to leave..I'll have my bag packed. Even if I'm sitting in a hotel room with the girls I'd be in Hawaii and happy;-)
P.S. Hope the girls sleep all night for sure has been a week.

Hope's Mama said...

Happy anniversary! We'll be five years in January. Where does the time go indeed! A friend of mine travelled to Hawaii last November with her twin 18 month old girls - all the way from Australia! Somehow, she managed. Logistically I'm sure it was a bit of a nightmare, but they did it. But then, twins isn't triplets! We were in Hawaii in February, for our post baby-loss holiday. It was a beautiful spot and I hope one day we can return, perhaps with one (or more?) kids in tow.

Kristine said...

Happy Anniversary!! A bit of tropical rain for you today!! HA!!
And I think it would be cruel to leave former neighbors behind if you went to Hawaii too....

I am off to the Big Apple today, will have a doughnut for you :)

Wendy said...

Happy anniversary! I'm sorry that you aren't sunbathing on white sands, and that the girls have teeth issues! Maybe for your 7 year, you can do HI- the girls will be 4 almost five, traveling will be easier, they will just need boosters- no big carseats! And that's only two years away :)

Meg said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

kdliberty said...

Happy Anniversary!

1) You can carry liquid medicine on planes IF you have it in it's original bottle. Plus,you should not have any trouble getting your cath kits either as long as you don't fly out of Logan.

2)You can check things at the gate including car seats and strollers.

Hopefully one day you will be able to get back!

Sarah said...

Yeah, Wendy - I was thinking that in 2/3 years, it will be easier. We'll have to start saving now - I can't believe how expensive airfare is!

kdliberty - I am laughing at your "as long as you don't fly out of Logan." That's our airport all right. Sometimes Providence.

Kris - BA doughnuts - yummy!!!!!

Sarah said...

Sally - I can't even imagine flying with twins or triplets from Australia to Hawaii - yikes!!!!! and 18 months too - that is such a hard age.

Anonymous said...

Okay so maybe I shouldn't say that there are AMAZING deals to be had to Hawaii right now. :) DH and I just went for the first time (a very belated honeymoon) last month and it was oh-so-incredible. Check out package deals through the hotels. :) Hope you all get well soon!

Gretchen (