Monday, September 28, 2009

No rest for the sick.

Rich took this picture of me with the girls tonight.

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(Please excuse the fact that I appear to have an enormous chin.)

So Anna and Emily could give two hoots about the sleep fairy now. They are still awake as I type this fussing in their cribs. It has been progressing downhill for the past few weeks and right now, I feel that we are back where we started. Allie, thank goodness, is usually nice and quiet.

Anna and Em have the same list of demands every night:




"TAKE MY BLANKIE UPSTAIRS." (Yes, we are still working on the upstairs/downstairs thing.)

There was only one middle of the night incident with Anna last night. She woke up Em but Em amazingly enough fell right back to sleep after chatting with me.

Two and a half year olds are relentless. They can cry it out for hours on end. I know this. Allie and Em showed me last month that it was possible. In their defense, they are teething. At long last, we have visual proof.

I need to go to bed now.


Jen said...

Oh, you've had a long haul, haven't you? I am thinking of you.

Lani said...

Ug! I'm sick too:( Hope you feel better soon. That's a sweet picture!

FrenznickFive said...

hope you feel better! it looks like the girls want to help take care of their mommy! so sweet! :o)

Anonymous said...

It's been a year since I had a 2 1/2 year old, so my memory might be dusty, but do you think it will work with them to say, "No, it's time to sleep" every time they make a request?
-Take my water
-No it's time to sleep
-Take my blanket
-No, it's time to sleep

That's what I do with my kids now. Wanna tell me something? Remember it for tomorrow.
Ask a question how to say something in a different language? Again, tomorrow.

I give them water bottles to take to bed, so they won't ask for them and I only allow to interrupt sleep to use the bathroom.

Not sure if this would work on your kids because it targets a certain age and personality.

Sarah said...

GAMZu - we've tried that. It is obviously their delay tactics - which I won't stay in their room to do. And we tell them that if we take their water, that is it once we leave. Then they just scream and scream and scream after we leave. I suppose the teething right now is not helping either.