Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kissmas Tree

As I mentioned in Friday night's post, the girls received flu shots and an immunization that morning. We have since had two nights of sleeping problems. Plus, I started to feel sick on Friday night. My raging sore throat has continued and now I have a full blown cold and when you have triplets, you really can't "take it easy."

Rich and I purposely went to bed early on Friday night. I think we were both sound asleep by 10:15.

11:15 - Emily fussing
12:15 - Emily fussing
1:00 - Emily fussing
1:20 - Emily fussing

If she was in a room by herself, I probably would have left her alone but the last thing I want is for all three to be awake in the middle of the night so I scurry on in there to "keep the peace." She would barely look at me and then immediately fall back asleep. That last time though, I took her out and brought her into our bed. She said she wanted a pillow so I gave her this little one that I use to prop up my knees. It was the perfect size for her and she did eventually fall back asleep without too much trouble.

The problem at first was that I could not fall back asleep. I was thinking about stuff, thinking about stuff, my throat hurt, Rich was breathing too loud, I didn't want to move and wake Em up. Around 3:00, Em did wake up and wanted to go downstairs so off we went to sleep on the couch. Real comfortable.

Rich offered to let me go back to sleep after all the girls were awake. So I was able to get three hours of decent sleep. In the afternoon, we decided to take the girls to the petting zoo and a playground. The weather was really nice and we didn't want to waste the day even though I felt like crap. The petting zoo was successful again. I can't believe how fearless the girls are now with feeding their carrots to the animals. We then stopped at a new playground.

This playground (finally) had climbing structures that were much more appropriate for the girls. I didn't have to worry so much but I did spend the entire time chasing after them. There were the usual questions about the girls but one woman kept saying how brave we were. Brave? I didn't think that we were any braver than parents there with three young kids of different ages. Although, I didn't see any parents there with more than two kids. So maybe she did have a point.

I thought for sure that last night would go well. The girls were up early, they barely took a nap and then they spent a good amount of time running around outside. Yeah, didn't happen. I lost count of how many times I had to dash into their room. And it was for all three of them at different times. Rich again offered to let me go back to sleep in the morning but I didn't sleep very well. You know how that goes when you are sick.

It was raining here today and we needed milk so this afternoon we decided to get the girls out of the house and make a trip to Kohl's so that Rich could return something. I was walking around the store with Emily when she spotted fully decorated Christmas trees already on display. For the rest of the afternoon, Em talked about the trees. "We gonna get a Kissmas tree. It has little lights on it. I gonna help Mommy decorate it." I thought it was really cute to hear her so excited about a Christmas tree and the fact that she can't say "Christmas" was adorable too.

As we were brushing the girls' teeth tonight, Rich discovered that one of Em's molars has finally made an appearance. I'm a bit relieved as that probably (hopefully) explains her nighttime fussiness.

(Oh, and you can tell that I really am sick because I just didn't have the energy to bring the camera to the petting zoo or the playground. And I usually lug the camera everywhere. No pictures for this post.)


The Bantering Bookworm said...

I hope you feel better soon. May you get good sleep tonight.

Lease said...

I love the comments about how brave parents of triplets are. It automatically makes you a hero for leaving the house.

Joni and Jess said...

Long time reader, never commented until now ;) But I wanted to say Feel better soon!! Heres to hopin/praying nobody else gets it!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Rest up. I'm curious though - were your girls good sleepers when they were younger. My kids are excellent sleepers and I worry that when we hit the 2.5 yr mark we are going to have the same problems you do.

Helen said...

Aww Sarah, I hope you're feeling better! It is miserable being Mommy and being sick at the same time :(

Glad you had fun despite it though and I too can not wait for Christmas this year!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone.

Mommy, Esq - the girls still follow the same sleep patterns as when they were infants. Allie has always been the best sleeper - Em, the worst. They have never been the greatest of sleepers though - Allie has been okay and if she had her own room, I'm sure she would sleep more.