Thursday, September 10, 2009


Not this past weekend but the weekend before, I had one of those "gawd, when did the girls get this big" moments. It most likely started when I packed away a few clothing items in size 12 months that were clearly too small now. After rifling through all of their clothes, I couldn't believe all of the items that no longer fit them comfortably. We pulled out of storage the size 24 months and 2T pajamas that I had purchased on sale last year and even had to buy a few more at Target.

Em wearing new pajamas. I can't believe how much she looks like a little kid.

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The girls continue to grow & learn & mature at such an alarming rate. It's scary how fast it happens. Emily's new thing is to ask a million and a half questions. "What was that?" is her favorite when she sees or hears something different. She also likes to know who purchased every item she comes in contact with. For example, Rich had a cereal box out at breakfast and she had to ask, "Who bought that?" Or when I bring their clothes for the day into the playroom, Em will point to them and ask, "Who bought these?"

And big girls wear their barrettes without ripping them out. Sometimes.

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Anna had her bi-annual Early Intervention assessment last week. Look at some of her scores:

Social emotional/interaction - 34 months

Cognition - 33 months

Communication including Expressive & Receptive - 31 months

(Note that Anna was just under 29 months old for this assessment.)

Their vocabulary and speaking ability really amaze me sometimes.

Grammy made the girls this measuring board, which hangs in their bedroom.

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After realizing that it had been almost six months to the day since we had last marked their height, we decided to see how much they had grown. Anna grew about two inches and Allie and Em have grown over an inch. They are all around the 32 inch mark. I then tried to weigh them on our scale with the 'hold the toddler and then subtract your own weight' method. Our scale isn't that great or easy to read but I estimate their weight to be around 23 pounds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Anna (and Em) that this is true. It means that she has gained three pounds since May.

About four/five months ago, Anna was noticeably shorter than Allie and Em. Look at her standing next to Em now.

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And a picture of Em, who I am convinced is going to be a model someday. She loves posing for the camera.

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Meg said...

That's great to read that Anna did so awesome on her tests!! Do you think she is doing so well partly because she has her two sisters to learn from, copy, etc?

I sometimes notice with our girls (They'll be 2 years old on Sunday!! They do grow SO FAST!) that if one is saying or doing something new, the other is quick to try and "be like her sister" and do the same thing. Do you think that same idea applies to your girls trying new things and "keeping up" with each other?

Lani said...

When I see you pictures, the first thing I always think, is how cute your girls are, and then and CUTE their clothes always are:) Good job mama!:)