Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vintage CPK & a typical night

Mamaw, my grandmother, has a small doll collection which includes some vintage Cabbage Patch Kids. I say "vintage" because she stood in line to purchase them during the CPK craze of the 1980's. When Grammy returned from her vacation in Michigan, she delivered three of these Cabbage Patch Kids to my girls as a gift from Mamaw. They are named Corene, Sammy and Johnny.

Anna immediately formed a bond with Sammy.

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(And yes, she was sleeping like that.)

I also wanted to post some pictures from a typical evening in our house.

Em sporting her post-pony hairstyle.

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Em & Allie

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Just a random cute picture before some last minute "play outside in the driveway."

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Em, Allie & Anna


His Mom said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. I love her with Vintage Sammy. Reminds me of mine when I was a kid!

Helen said...

Awww! So cute of her with the doll! And can I just say how much I love the girls' PJs?!

Keith and Jamie said...

oh, I remember the days of CPKs...I have a few that are in a box in the attic. When I was little I told everyone, that I had twins separated at birth...they looked identical, but one was american and one was an international doll from Holland. The girls are two cute...and the trip to the zoo, you are brave...very brave!

The Super Bean said...

I had CPKs when I was a kid, in the early 90's.
I actually had identical twin girls. They were so cute!

Kristine said...

luv luv luv the post pony "do". Work it girl!!!

As always, they are too cute for words :)

Sarah said...

I'll have to see if Grammy can dig out my Vintage CPK. LOL

Helen - those are Dots jammies from the girls' Grandma. Yes, Dots as in the candy. The girls love those pants.