Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I find that I mostly think of the future versus the here and now. Sure, there are always the ever present questions of what will be for dinner, what will we decide to do for end of the day play time with the girls, what activities will we participate in this weekend but mostly I dream about the future. If this happens, then this will follow. When the girls are five, our lives will be like this. Next year, this will be easier.

We are always planning for the future.

An event recently occurred which has me thinking about five years from now. I think back to five years ago to realize that five years is a long time although two have gone by without me realizing it.

We try to enjoy everyday with the girls. The future is always there in the distance. Unknown. Promising great joys. I am afraid I'm going to wake up and my little babies will be big girls.


Hope's Mama said...

I can't think about the future, not yet. Because future talk for me revolves around "when the baby is born" and I still can't go there yet. So I'm very much existing in the here and now, but of course always looking back, and wishing things could have been so different. I expect that will probably change though "when the baby is born"......

Helen said...

Oh I hear you. I'm constantly dreaming and thinking of the future. At the same time though (in the last week especially) I have been shocked into how fast 2 years goes by and how much kids change in that time. It's like I want time to speed up and slow down at the same time!