Monday, August 10, 2009

The couch still smells like vomit.

Allie was throwing up today. And when I say throw up I mean it's-a-good-thing-Grammy-is-on-vacation-throw-up.

We had a busy, busy weekend (some parts better than others) and I have tons to blog about but, unfortunately, Rich and I just spent more than two hours settling the girls to sleep so the long blog posts will have to wait until tomorrow as I need some sleep. After the other night (that will be in tomorrow's blog post), I never know what I'm going to get for sleep now.

I'll leave you with the shopping list I handed over to Rich this afternoon:
  • Pedialyte drink
  • Pedialyte popsicles
  • Regular popsicles
  • Febreze


Lease said...

I hope Allie is feeling better soon and that it's not contagious for all of your sakes.

Erin said...

Hopefully Allie is doing better and it was just a little bug. I take the handheld part of my carpet cleaner and use it to clean my couches all the time.

Mandy said...

Oh no, I hope all your girls get and stay healthy (we were sick here for the past two weeks and it was no fun - and my husband also got a shopping list just like that. ). Good luck on all your sleep situations - I keep telling myself my 21 month old will outgrow hers in a year or two (fingers crossed for something sooner for us and you)!

Wendy said...

Oh no!! Poor love. I hope she is feeling better soon. Pukey babies are no fun :( About the couch, if you get a hand-held steam cleaner thingy, it helps get the barfy smell out. It'd also be handy for potty training accidents!