Sunday, August 9, 2009

All about the girls

The girls
  • like to eat pizza, ice cream, Life cereal and anything with dippy.
  • can all sing their ABC's.
  • love to watch Barney and Sesame Street.
  • like music and singing.
  • are learning colors and shapes.
  • can count to ten and beyond (with some mistakes here and there.)
  • are learning to express emotion. "I afraid of the cicket." Aka "cricket."
  • all hold one finger to their noses instead of their lips when saying, "Ssshhhhhhhhh."


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  • likes to crawl around and pretend that she is a baby. She doesn't talk while she's in baby mode either. She just says, "ahh, ahh." She decided to attack Emily the other night while she was a baby and Emily was screaming, "Baby, get off me. Baby, stop."
  • loves "cak, cak music." Rich purchased the girls a CD of toddler songs. The first song is the one about the duck that lead the others with a "quack, quack, quack."


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  • is the most neutral of the three.
  • responds with, "I gonna poke her in the eye," whenever I ask her what she is going to do when she meets Baby Maggie.
  • loves to run around and gather up ALL the stray lovies downstairs when it is time for nap or bedtime. She'll say, "Hmmm, how about teddy bear?" and hand the lovey to me with a little smile.

Emily (I had to include both pictures. I thought she looked all cute with her friends gathered up for bedtime but she decided to cry because she was mad at me for taking pictures of her.)

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  • has some of the funniest comments and responses.
  • "I have to be nak-ed." When I try to put clothes on her.
  • "No, I'm all set." When I ask/tell her that she needs a new diaper.
  • "I gonna go crazy now." When Rich walked into the family room the other night.


Wendy said...

lol... what a fun bunch of girls! Now, if they would just work on the STTN thing. Love the pic of Em with all her lovies.

Pam said...

hee hee hee! great pics!

Pink-CJ said...

I have a question? How do you have time to post som much and with pictures having triplets and a full time job???!!

Heather said...

Great pictures, as always. They are so beautiful!

Shawn said...

Your girls are soooo cute ... I thought i'd reach out to you as a fellow HDYDI writer and mom to little girls. :)

And, of course, because finding women who work full time, mother full-time and write is soooo rare. Nice to meet you. I'm not blogging much these days ... not a quitter per say just slowed way down.

Ande said...

I love the duck song by Raffi!!! It's so cute! it's on my blog!

Sarah said...

Hi Shawn {waves}