Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Recap - Commentary

Photos to follow tomorrow.

It's been a month and a half since we first brought the girls to the beach and I have to say that the difference in time was evident. The girls are now better able to dig and play in the sand and they have been swimming a few more times. They were expert beach-goers yesterday.

I should note that Grammy and Papa decided to meet us at the beach, which made it a little bit easier for us. Rich and I were both able to go into the water together with a toddler each while one toddler stayed with Grammy and Papa. Em and Anna were like little fish. They loved the water and Anna, especially, showed no fear. A few times, she attempted to walk right into the ocean by herself.

I was finally able to bring Allie into the water. She started to enjoy it although she insisted on being attached to my side the entire time. Anna and Em will allow you to swing them around and they will try to swim.

So, of course, we had quite a few people tell us how cute the girls are. We would nod and say, "thank you," and that would be it. There were a few of the standard questions asking their age and if they were triplets. Now, I admit to not knowing much about triplets and the various combination of triplets that can exist until I had the girls. This woman approached us and commented that the girls are goooooooooorgeous. She then asked if two were identical. When we explained that all three were identical, she seemed to be in disbelief and asked if that was rare. Yes. She basically thought that all triplets consisted of a set of identical twins and then a fraternal triplet but she didn't know what fraternal meant and wouldn't use the word even after I explained it to her. She told us that a friend of hers had triplets with identical twins and then another one, a sibling, born at the same time. Those were her words, not mine.

She also asked if we had the girls on television or modeling. I so wanted to tell her that we were working with TLC on a show called Sarah, Rich and the Trips but I just can't lie.

Because of the horrible traffic and our late start yesterday, we ended up staying at the beach later than we normally would have. This made for some very sleepy girls on the ride home. I do have to say that I believe all three were asleep within five minutes once in their cribs. It's a shame that it is a bit of a drive to the Cape and that traffic is so unpredictable or we would probably go more often.

Okay, some pictures tomorrow.

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Mommy, Esq. said...

I think my sister Stacey and I are identical and my other sister (with different color eyes and many other differences) is our fraternal triplet sister. But we don't know for sure. I have no memories of being accosted during our Cape summer vacations so I think it will fade over time. Interesting during our family vacation someone thought I was a nanny because my twins look different ages but not so different in age that they could be "Irish" twins.