Thursday, July 30, 2009


The girls are 2 years, 3 months and 18 days old today and I missed it. In my book, the less than five minutes we spent together this morning doesn't quite count as quality time. It's been a long, draining, frustrating, tiring week on many fronts. When I arrived home an hour ago, Rich informed me that Emily cried, "Mommy," for 45 minutes before finally falling asleep. That child sure knows how to make Mommy feel bad. And at such a young age too!

The end of the work week is looking better though. I received some unexpected good news today at work. News that is unblogable. Funny how that works. And the reason that it is unblogable is unblogable as well. The big deadline will be met tomorrow and then we can all get on with our lives.

Baby Maggie, the girls' new cousin, arrived safe and healthy early this morning. We are all excited to met her. Although, I am wondering how long it will take the girls to try to poke her in the eye.

I still have photos to post. Hopefully, tomorrow. A new day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah!
This makes me a little sad to read - keep up your spirit! You have faced diffucult times in the past, overcome a lot and can do it! Although these times when you feel there is a shift in balance between work and sweet girls towards work too much you know there will be other times too :) Just keep smiling, you are doing an amazing job of raising your beautiful kids and the balance will soon shift back towards them.
Best wishes for you & your family from the other side of the big pond - j

Sarah said...

I hate the days I've had to work late and wasn't home to see my kids before bed. Spend lots of time cuddling them this weekend!

Karen said...

Congratulations on whatever the good news is. I have 5 kids and was a college student for the past 4 years becoming a math teacher. As wonderful as being a mom is, it is still great to receive some validation from the outside world of your accomplishments. There is no report card for being a mom. And most of the time, no one says..."hey, thanks mom. You're doing a great job!" In the working world, and for me in college, it was nice to receive the nod that I was succeeding at something. Don't underestimate what that can do towards how you feel about yourself. And you are setting such a great example for your daughters as a SUCCESSFUL working mother. Missing the occasional goodnight kiss is more than balanced by all the rest. Besides, they are accepting that dad can be a great guy, too. Thanks for sharing your daughters on your blog!