Saturday, July 11, 2009


...was not the day I thought it would be.

It started out great (well, except for Em waking up at 5:15. She did fall back asleep until 7:00 though.) We attended an incredibly awesome birthday party, which I will blog about later, in the morning and arrived home in time for naps. Anna felt too warm. I took her temperature three times. 101 point something every time. Allie and Em registered at 98.6 everytime.

After calling the doctor, we decided to take her to the emergency room of the local hospital instead of traveling into the city. We were afraid of her kidneys becoming infected. Her temperature at the hospital was down to 100 degrees.

I won't get into all the details but the doctor could not find anything wrong with her and believes that she just has a virus. They collected a urine sample and that came back all clear. He confirmed that it wouldn't be related to her shunt as she was not showing any other signs of shunt problems.

I'm trying to find comfort in the fact that I was a bit sick last week and Em was acting off as well. She was extra grumpy, not eating well and felt a bit warm. Anna is still eating well though. It is all just so very scary for me. You should have seen me; I actually started crying when they asked me for Anna's medical background.

I hate worrying.

In other news, today was my day to post over at How Do You Do It?. Go check it out.


FrenznickFive said...

I'm glad there was no UTI and everything was o.k with Anna's shunt! we had a similar situation with Avery a few months ago, where she had an unexplained fever and I automatically start to freak out and think kidney infection since she only has one functioning kidney and it drains slow due to a narrowed ureter. We took her to the ER as well and I am crying and scared and after they cathed her & tested her urine and did blood work everything came back fine and they said it was "just a virus" although the other two never got sick so I don't know.... but it is definitely scary!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with this level of worry over fevers with her. Awfully glad it's "just a virus" though. My kids have had fevers with no other real symptoms this spring/summer -- strange. I hope all three are back to normal today.