Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Household Rules

  • Be nice to your sisters
  • No biting
  • Nappy then play
  • Look out for cars
  • Hold Mommy or Daddy's hand
  • No crying - use your words
  • No shoes in the playroom
  • No shoes allowed upstairs
  • No touching the shoes in the hall
  • No socks in the playroom
  • No books in the cribs
  • No toys (besides dolls and animals) in the crib
  • Clean up your toys after you play with them
  • Only kids have it

As you can see, some of these "rules" were created by me (such as "look out for cars") and some were created by the girls ("no socks in the playroom.") I love asking them what the rules are and hearing their answers.

That last one belongs to Em. I think it is the funniest statement to date and I laugh hysterically everytime she says it.


Jen said...

I was intrigued by that last one and was going to ask you about it. I wondered if it was some brilliance I could implement here. Love it!

One of our house rules, thanks to the boys, is, "TIDS MAKE DA WOOLZ!" Which, translated, is, "Kids make the rules!"

BreezieGirl said...

I'm (sorta) with Jen... what kinds of things can only kids have? How often does Em implement this rule?

Hope's Mama said...

Cute, Sarah.

Sarah said...

LOL re: only kids have it. I'll try to explain. The girls don't consider themselves "kids" - kids are older than they are. We saw some balloons on cars today as we drove past a car dealership. The girls said, "Have it, have it" which means they wanted the balloons. After I said, "No," Em said, "only kids have it." So I guess it refers to items that only "kids" are supposed to have. In her mind!