Friday, July 17, 2009

Conversations and pictures

Please excuse me while I insert some random photos throughout this post.

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(Anna, Allie, Em)

So one of my favorite things is to listen in to the conversations that the girls have while they are in their cribs. There were a few this week that were a bit heart melting.

Monday night, Anna was crying for a bit and I was a little concerned seeing that she had been sick. Well, she stopped fairly quickly and I then heard Allie and Em both say, "No crying, Anna. No crying. Go to doctor."

The other night (actually all this week) I arrived home after the girls were settled into their cribs. That is not the best time for me to go into their room after being absent all day as they will throw a fit if I try to leave. I was listening in to them talk to each other and heard one of them say, "Mommy, Mommy." Allie replied with, "No, Mommy working the man."

Now, I should explain. A year ago, when the girls were not talking, I used to tell them that I had to go work for the man when I left the house for work. It's partly an inside joke and partly a spin off of an old commercial where a little kid says in a serious voice that when he grows up, he wants to work for the man. Well, the girls now refer to work as "working the man." They always leave the "for" out.

And this morning when someone sneezed, Anna quickly responded with, "God bless you."

Okay, onto some cute pictures. Here are babies in a box. Please note that Allie had ripped her pony out which is why her hair looks like what I lovingly refer to as "bird head."

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And here's a cute one of Anna and Grammy. I like how they are wearing matching outfits.

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Jen said...


Can they tell each other apart easily?

My boys couldn't tell themselves apart in pictures or in a mirror for a long time. And now, at almost 5, they sometimes mix up their names! For example, G will ask me, "Where is G?" and I'll say, "You are G, silly!" and he'll smile and say, "Oh yeah. Where is P?"

I love hearing about your girls' conversations.

Pam said...

those girls are so darn smart! i don't know how my boys are going to keep up with them. ;)

Wendy said...

omg... the one of Em on her tippy toes! So precious. They get more adorable all the time.