Thursday, July 16, 2009

Animal Balloons. How frightening are they?

I attended a baby shower on Sunday for my sister-in-law, Amelia, who was visiting from Virginia. She doesn't know if she is having a boy or a girl so the theme of the nursery and that baby shower was jungle/baby animal. There were three huge (and very cute) helium foil balloons of animals for decoration.

Don and Amelia told us that they would stop by on Monday for a visit and drop the balloons off for the girls to play with as they weren't going to bring them back to Virginia.

The following is an email I received from Grammy on Monday as the girls were napping:

Hi Sarah,Don & Amelia arrived after 11:30 and the girls stood just watching them carrying in the balloons. Emily was not so sure about our visitors and she moved closer to Allie and was holding Allie's hand. Then they finally started playing with the balloons..having a great time. Out of the clear blue sky Allie starts crying out-of-control...she grabbed 2 of the balloons and ran to me screaming. We couldn't figure out what was going on... Then Emily was fussy and I decided that it was lunch time... Emily was about ready to fall asleep in the chair near the end. She even said "Done - go to sleep now". She was happy when I changed her and was taking her upstairs then she started crying for Allie and Anna. But I got them in bed at 1:00 and they were asleep in 10 minutes....Little Anna looked tired. Mom

Well, it turns out that although Emily was tired she was also terrified of the balloons and wanted to go to her crib to escape from them. I'm wondering if when Allie flipped out she thought that the balloons had hurt her. After nap, Emily refused to look at the balloons. She would cry out to tell her sisters to get away from the balloons. Grammy finally put her in a high chair so that dinner could be prepared.

Here's Emily in her safe place.

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And do you want to know why she is crying?

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That's Anna at the gate with the balloons. Teasing.

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Look at Anna's face!

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The balloons have since been destroyed.


Pam said...

hee hee hee! it's mean to laugh at emily like that, but i can't help it. it's a funny looking balloon!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, poor child looks terrified! It is funny what will set them off sometimes.
I posted before in your Q&A post but I forgot to post my actual question - so I am going to put it here now in case you get bored one day and want to answer it. :-) Does the girls' grandmother (your mom, your MIL?) handle the girls on her own all day during the week? Has she been doing this for a while now? I am amazed at her skills. How do the logistics work - can the girls be left in pack 'n' plays while she's taking their sister(s) for naps, diaper changes, etc.? I have identical twins and a 2-story house and I always wonder how other people handle getting from point A to point B, etc.

mrsgingergrl said...

This completely cracked me up. That would be so my Charlotte, she gets scared of the craziest things... the balloon alone is hilarious!