Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some Saturday Stuff

I started the day with some cute photos and thought I would just have a post of pictures from the day. And then we brought the girls to a parade and fair, which needs to actually be blogged. So here's what happened today without the parade and fair. I'll talk about those tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

The girls have a rocking horse, a rocking zebra and a bouncing zebra. Rich changed up the girls toys last night and brought two of the above into the family room. Can you guess what happened this morning? Yes, all three girls wanted to ride one at the same time. The rule of threes.

Toddler Rocking Horse Race

Allie, Anna, Em

Here are some cute Elmo pictures that I had to include. Allie was using her dress as an Elmo Bjorn.

And Anna made sure that Elmo could see the spider on the window screen.

Note: The girls were wearing these adorable tie-dye dresses from Auntie Joan that are size 2T. There was one that looked slightly bigger and had some different coloring from the other two. We dressed Allie in that one. She is slightly bigger than Anna and Em but the straps kept sliding down and because she can now undress herself, I didn't want her to pull her dress off during the parade. We changed their clothes before we left.

After nap, we thought the girls would have fun playing in the pool. It wasn't super hot outside but very warm in the sun.


Allie. I love the white/blonde highlights in her hair.

And Em. Can you see that they are becoming a little daring in the pool?

Oh, I should add that Em can do a somersault on the couch. They were all trying to do one on the floor last night so Rich and I were helping them flip over. Tonight, Em was messing around on the couch (which drives me crazy) and flipped over by herself. I think it's time for a gymnastics class.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable pics, as always!
Although I like the ones by the "photo wall," action photos like these are always so much fun. :D