Friday, June 12, 2009

Living the high life of a singleton

I had planned to compose a post of some sorts to discuss how well the girls have been sleeping. Somewhat ironic considering that as I type this, all three are in their cribs SCREAMING. Rich is heading up for the third (and, hopefully, final) time. It has been amazing how well the past two weeks have been. They have still been fussing at night as soon as we tuck them in but usually Rich can go in and calm them down within a few minutes.

Over the past few weeks, I think Rich has had to go into their room twice in the middle in the night and only for a minute at that. I've heard little cries in the middle of night and even Allie saying, "Emmy, go to sleep," and that's what they've been doing. Sleeping.

Until last night. Well, it was really this morning. Em started crying and calling for "Mommy" at 3:00. We waited a few minutes and when it became obvious that she was not going to calm down, Rich went in to avoid the awakening of the other two. Now, I'm sure some may read this and think that I boss Rich around and send him in to do the dirty work. The reason for Rich going is that the girls react differently with him and tend to "let go" a bit faster. Not last night.

I sat in the floor next to Em's crib until 3:54. My cut-off time was 4:00. At that point, she was going to go into the bed with us. Two minutes after I left their room, she started crying again so she ended up in the bed with us anyway. It took her another hour to fall back asleep. She wasn't fussing or playing - I think she either had a really bad dream or her stomach was bothering her.

She woke up with us a bit past 6:00. Rich went to take a shower first while I tried to convince Em to snuggle with me. She sat up and said, "Poo poos. Poo poos." I told her that she hadn't gone poops. Then she announced, "On Elmo potty. Big girl." The potty training post will have to be one other than this but let's just say that I wasn't going to deny her the opportunity to try. For a moment, I thought that this was going to be the big breakthrough we had been waiting for. She sat on the potty seat for all of two seconds.

Em and I hung out alone on the couch and sang songs while Rich shaved and dressed for work.

She was in a surprisingly good mood for having missed out on three hours of sleep. When Rich appeared to take over while I showered, she didn't even care. Rich asked her if she wanted to hang out in the kitchen while he ate his breakfast. She ran over to a highchair and said, "Right here." She actually ate some breakfast with him.

Em's time as a singleton ended around 7:00 when Allie awakened to discover that Em was missing from their room and started yelling, "Emmy, Emmy."

I emerged from the shower to the sounds of Em crying because she had to share the books in the family room with her sisters. Singleton life is good while it lasts. And around here, that's not for long.

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