Sunday, June 28, 2009

An hour by hour look at Saturday's Journal

6:21 AM - "Puppy. Puppy." Emily is awake. "Rich, run in there in and grab her before she wakes the other two." Too late. Everyone is awake. And in a decent mood.

7:21 - The girls are finishing up with breakfast.

8:21 - Allie and I are getting ready to go to CVS to pick up a few items.

9:21 - I'm waiting in the van with Allie and Em while Rich and Anna are in the bank. What is taking so long?

10:21 - I finally find some time to take a shower.

11:21 - We are on our way to the Cape. This will be the girls' first trip to the beach!

12:21 PM - We are almost there. Allie started crying so I had to climb into the back of the van to sit next to her. I think she's overtired and hungry.

1:21 - Okay, feeding the girls lunch on the beach is not the easiest task.

2:21 - The girls love the beach! There haven't been that many sand eating episodes either.

3:21 - It is taking forever to change the three munchkins out of their bathing suits. We've got two poopy diapers to contend with as well.

4:21 - We are on our way to the Cape Cod Canal. Traffic is not too bad.

5:21 - The girls are enjoying a short walk along the canal with Grammy and Papa. They devoured their ice cream as well.

6:21 - We are driving home and the girls are singing. "Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Little Anna wants to play." "ABCD I love you. You love you. You love you."

7:21 - The girls are almost finished eating dinner. If you can call it that. Allie looks like she's going to fall asleep in her plate.

8:21 - It sounds like the girls are almost asleep. They have to be exhausted. I am!

9:21 - Rich and I are looking through the pictures I took today.

10:21 - We are all asleep.

Was your Saturday as busy as ours?


Lucco Girls said...

Our Saturday was laid back...but usually they're jam packed! Glad your girls enjoyed the beach...what an adventure!

Liz said...

No, but my Sunday was worse! 2nd birthday party madness! LOL!