Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Recap

Logistically speaking, bringing the girls to the beach is slightly difficult in that it is a long drive and I'm not quite sure how well those swim diapers really work. I did not want to take any chances with soiling the car seats so it was decided that we would change the girls in the van upon arriving at our destination.

We invited Grammy and Papa to join us after they expressed an interest in seeing the girls enjoy their first trip to the beach. It was also nice to have two more adults there to assist in watching the munchkins.

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When we first arrived at the beach, Grammy and I set about changing the girls in the van while Rich and Papa went about setting up camp. Rich came back to the van to bring Allie to the beach. A few minutes later, Em and Grammy took off to join them. As Anna and I finally approached our set up on the beach, I noticed a couple sitting nearby staring at us. I came so close to yelling out, "Don't worry. There's only three of them." Grammy later told me that after Allie and then Em showed up, the woman had asked if they were twins.

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The girls really seemed to have enjoyed themselves. They played in the sand. They frolicked in the waves. They attempted to drink salt water from their buckets. They thought that they could eat sea shells. All great activities for toddlers!

Both Allie and Em went out into the water with Rich. They loved it but with the water a bit cold, they ended up shivering fairly quickly. When we asked Anna if she wanted to go in the water with Daddy, she said, "No, with Mommy." Unfortunately, Mommy was not equipped to go into the water so Anna and I played at the edge of the ocean.

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On our way home, we stopped off for a walk along the bicycle path at the Cape Cod Canal. The girls enjoyed some ice cream and were able to see some boats go by. AND we ran into quadruplet boys. Well, we really didn't run into them. As we were walking along, some people realized that the girls were triplets and told us that there were quadruplet boys up ahead fishing with their dad. The boys were two years older than the girls but they waved and said hello. Em almost had another boyfriend to add to the list.

After a quick dinner and a nice bath, the girls were asleep fairly quickly without much fuss. Days later and they are still saying, "Have fun at the beach."

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Featured in the photos (I think): Anna, Em, Allie and Allie

Oh, and I will have more photos up tomorrow. These are just a sneak peek!


His Mom said...

I think the quad thing is awesome, for once people were pointing out multiples to YOU.

I had to giggle at the couple watching the girls arrive one by one.

amberlee said...

Cute Cute.

And for future reference-
the swim diapers are only good in the water- and really only for the dirty stuff. They don't act as normal diapers outside of the water and don't hold pee. So nice save on the carseats.

Kristine said...

Love it!!
I want one of their coverups for ME! Very snazzy.
Looking forward to more pixs!

Sarah said...

Thanks, amberlee - that's what I suspected!!!