Monday, May 25, 2009

The Triplet Exhibit

Rich and I brought the girls to a small zoo yesterday as a test run to our plan to bring them to the big zoo this summer. A visit to the big zoo would be a day trip and we want to be prepared. An important lesson learned yesterday is that we need to purchase those harness backpacks (aka leashes.) We had to free the girls from the safety of the Choo Choo Wagon on more than one occasion so that they could see the animals and they really would have been happy to walk around for a bit but with just two adults, that was impossible.

I tried to take pictures of the girls together before we left. Anna ran over to the photo corner and sat down, which spoiled my plans as the other two decided to join her.

Em, Allie, Anna

I tried to convince them all to sit on the "bench" which is really an aerobic step they use to stand on to look out the window or sit on to read books. Allie went over and sat on the bench but Em said, "Sit on the bus," and did just that.

Anna decided that she needed to sit on the bus as well. (Em helped me take this picture.)

Anna was the most afraid of the animals at first. I felt really bad because she was sitting as far away from the animals as possible while giving them her Anna stare down. Her fear subsided fairly quickly and she seemed to enjoy herself and even waved to the animals.

Meanwhile, almost every single adult commented on "the triplets." And people are obsessed with the Choo Choo Wagon. That's still something I can't quite grasp.

Is this that unusual??

I do have to mention how Allie kept trying to walk off with other families. When another mom or dad would say, "Okay, let's get going to see some more animals," Allie would start walking off with them. This is one reason why we need the harnesses. She never made it more than a few steps and I actually thought that it was quite amusing.

Here's a funny picture of Allie. They are still a little bit small (and young) to enjoy every aspect.

We happen to run into two families with twins while walking around. Now, we never refer to the girls as "the triplets" in our house; they are just "the girls." The girls are starting to figure out what, exactly, triplets are. We belong to a organization for triplet parents and receive a few publications throughout the year. The girls have been looking at the magazines and usually point out the "triplets." On the way home, I said something about seeing twins at the zoo and then I added, "But you aren't twins. What are you?" Anna yelled out, "Triplets!"


Maricris Zen Mama said...

Awwww so cute! Triple loads of fun! You've got adorable girls. You're blessed.

Happy Memorial Day! Visiting via SIts,


BenLand said...

so cute....looks like you had a great time!!
i have to say, your girls are must have so much fun with them :)

Lani said...

Aw! They really are precious in that wagon (not as if they aren't outside of the wagon:), you can see why people are amazed with them.

btw- I had a similar running story to yours from the other day- I almost went down a storm drain tonight trying to dodge a car:) Why can't we live in neighborhoods with sidewalks?!

The Carpenters said...

When we go anywhere, I tend to take our 2 1/2 year old and I have my hubby take the girls (8 mo. old twins which we, too, refer to as "the girls" and NOT "the twins"). I can't deal with all the attention, extra time to talk with strangers, repetitive questions, etc. I tell him all the time that I'm just too much of a shy person to be the mother of multiples...but I wouldn't trade it for the world! :)

Helen said...

How cute that they know they're triplets!!

When I took the boys to the zoo on Mother's Day I told my friends that I would be asked where I got my Choo Choo wagon no less than 5 times while there. I was asked 6. I always feel badly now telling people they don't make them anymore!

Kelly said...

Too cute! I love the wagon picture!

Pink-CJ said...

I want that wagon!! So fun! So much better than having a big bulky stroller. I looked it up and the website doesn't sell it anymore. Do you konw of anywhere else I can purchase it?

Liz said...

When we take our trio out in the Choo Choo we are a rolling circus and mine are fraternal so I can only imagine the attention your girls get! They are so cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments!

Pink-CJ - that is correct, Step 2 is no longer making the choo choo wagon but my guess is that they will start production back up at some point. When we purchased ours, I'm almost positive that the comments online were that they had started making it again after "taking a break."

Pam said...

i think we get jaded by the sight of the wagon because i don't see why it's such a big deal either. :P

we call the boys "the boys" too. i cringe when people call them "the triplets". dunno why.