Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mama takes a tumble

It's Sunday. It's a holiday weekend. Blog traffic is light so I've decided to use this as my daily post. Sorry, no pictures of the cuties today but I assure you that we will return to our regular scheduled programming tomorrow.

Running Journal for the week of May 17, 2009

Sunday - 5K (3.1) miles - 32:30

Tuesday - 3 miles, outdoors, 31:39

Thursday - .1, this is where I take a tumble

Saturday - 2.5 miles on the TREADMILL

I was really excited to find a three mile loop not too far from our house. The walk to the "start" can be considered my warm-up, so to speak. I've been stuck inside so much now and the weather is finally warming up, I was actually looking forward to running more outside. Imagine that.

Unfortunately, the first part of the three mile loop is on a road without sidewalks. A road that can best be described as a typical New England country road that now accommodates far too many cars than were intended due to all the subdivisions constructed on farmland. If a car is coming at me, I have to run in yards. I was doing just that about four houses down from my start point when, not only did I fall, but I rolled. I was in complete shock and my left ankle was throbbing with shooting pains.

Let me describe the yard. It's on an upslope with overgrown grass. I didn't even see the holes through all the grass and now that I think of it, technically, the town owns that strip of land. It's a mess because they repaved that road last year and dug up the front of all those yards. Lucky for me, when I rolled, I did so going forward and not down the hill. This all happened just as a car and a pick-up truck were passing me. I could have rolled out into the street.

I limped home and told Rich that I was never running outside again. NEVER. AGAIN. It's not worth the hassle of dealing with traffic, pedestrians and roadkill.

On a good note, I seem to have recovered injury free.

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