Thursday, May 28, 2009

"No, Anna. Go to sleep!"

Last night was the best "going to sleep" we've had in a very long time. Rich and I stayed in the girls' room for a few extra minutes rubbing backs and when we left, there was no crying. No pleas for "more wata." No begging for hugs. I can't remember the last time that they went down that easily. Well, I think it was Halloween.

We have a family friend who is an extremely talented piano player. When the girls were newborns, he sent us a CD of his piano music. We used to play it for them and then stopped when they became interested in their Fisher Price crib aquariums. Rich moved the Bose CD player back into their room and told them that they were going to listen to piano man. I was the last adult in their room last night and as I was about to leave, Allie said, "Fishies on. Fishies on," which means that she wanted me to turn her aquarium on. I did but then explained to her that she wouldn't be able to hear piano man. I turned the aquarium off and she seem satisfied.

A few minutes after I left their room, I heard Anna over the monitor say, "Fishies on. Fishies on." Allie responded with, "No, Anna. Go to sleep." This repeated a few times. I love when they have these conversations.

All was well until 1:30 this morning when I was awakened by, "Poo poos. Poo poos." Em. Again. We held out as long as we could but she started crying and I really didn't want her to wake up Allie and Anna. I assumed she was being the toddler who cried pooped, thinking it was a one way ticket to Mommy's bed but no, she really did poop. Again. It took me almost an hour but I was able to successfully place her back into her crib.

Will tonight be poop free?

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