Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"They are so well behaved."

One weekday afternoon last week, Grammy and I took the girls shopping. Mommy shopping. New summer shoes, a nice new dress, a fashionable necklace... you get the idea. Well, being a weekday, there weren't too many other customers so our little traveling show stood out more than usual.

I've noticed that the questions asked by strangers have changed now that the girls are older. Here's what I am usually asked now:

"Are they triplets?"

"How old are they?"

"Are they identical?"

"What are their names?"

The conversation usually ends with the person commenting on how beautiful the girls are but then adding, "You sure have your hands full," after the beautiful comment. I think the meaning behind that comment has changed a bit now. Do I have to worry about boyfriends in pre-school??

Of course the girls mostly just sit and stare at the strangers. They do warm up a bit faster to women and Anna was actually smiling and saying, "Bye-byes."

Another comment we received from everyone that afternoon was, "I can't believe how well behaved they are. They aren't trying to get out of the stroller and run around." I explained that they have never been out of their strollers in stores. They don't know that this is an option and actually with triplets, it is NOT an option for us. How much shopping would be done with the three of them running around a store? We usually bring the girls a snack and sippies of juice and they are good to go.

We have been trying to teach the girls to hold our hands when they need to and luckily for us, they love to hold hands and walk. This is what we did a few weekends ago at the library and it worked out quite well. Believe me, I'm not opposed to harnesses but for now, hand holding seems to be working well so we are going to stick with that.

That same afternoon, Grammy returned to our house with Frosties from Wendy's. The girls ate most of mine. From what my over-tired brain can remember, the girls have never had a Frosty so it was quite funny to see Anna point to it saying, "Frosty." She picked up on that fairly quick.

Here are some post-Frosty pictures. Allie and Anna.


I thought these pictures were hysterical. Allie was making sure that Elmo could see out the window.


Rachael said...

you are quite lucky. mine learned that they could get out of their strollers quite early and now they demand it :)

they do usually last for about 20 minutes without trying to get down, which can be enough time to get at least something small completed.

Inanna said...

The "so well behaved!" comments always crack me up. If your kid isn't rolling around on the floor and having a tantrum, and the stranger has seen them for all of, oh, five minutes maybe? then they consider them well behaved? Come live with me for a day, you'll see - they're just like any other kids! ;)

But they're right... your girls are beautiful. You might have to worry about boyfriends BEFORE preschool! lol

Helen said...

Those Elmo pictures are hilarious!

I crack up at the "so well behaved" comments too... usually people are marveling that the boys are sitting so nicely in the Choo Choo and not trying to get out. I then have to reluctantly admit the boys are belted in...

The Wilcoxson's said...

I get the same thing. We have 5 children under the age of 3. Noel and I came up with a way for them to be able to walk and for us to shop at the same time. It is hard to explain so I will give you the link to the blog that I wrote about it.

The Carpenters said...

My little guy did the same thing with his "Peanut"...

I must say...your girls are absolutley breathtaking.

And we get the SAME questions about our twins. Argh! We've even been asked:
Are you done now?
Did you plan for twins?
I feel sorry for you!

The nerve!